Does Actor Park Jin-woo Have a Wife? Let’s Find Out!

Park Jin-Woo And Im Se-Mi Enjoy Their Date In Insadong

Park Jin-Woo and Im Se-Mi dated in Insadong in KBS’s ‘Love On A Roof Top’. Their first date in Insadong was previewed in the trailer of the next episode, which will be unveiled on June 17. In the trailer, Im Se-Mi held a hair clip and put it in her hair. She turned and look at Park Jin-Woo, asking for his opinion. Looking at Im Se-Mi’s cute face, Park Jin-Woo gave her an enormous smile.

They filmed their first date in Insadong on May 28. During the recording, they held hands and hung around shops there. They were perfectly immersed in their roles as a couple and showing their great synergy.

Seo Hyo-rim and Park Jin-woo are getting married in MBC Drama “Man Who Sets The Table”

“Man Who Sets the Table” starring Choi Soo-young, On Joo-wan, Kim Kap-soo, Kim Mi-sook, Lee Il-hwa, Shim Hyung-tak, Seo Hyo-rim and Park Jin-woo, is about two middle-aged men who risk their families by announcing their marriage.

Seo Hyo-rim takes on the role of Ha Yeon-joo. She’s the only daughter of a real estate parvenu and was raised with everything she wants. She spends her time spending money and making herself pretty.  She’s cheerful and carefree despite the fact that she is largely ignored by her husband.

Seo Hyo-rim is coming back for the first time in a year in this drama. She starred in dramas “Beautiful Gong Shim”, “Sungkyunkwan Scandal”, “Scent of a Woman” and more.

Park Jin-woo takes on the role of Lee So-won, a smart, handsome doctor. He was hurt by his first love, and his father urges him to marry a rich man’s daughter but to keep his distance from his wife and mother-in-law who likes to interfere with everything.

Park Jin-woo’s Wife

Until now, fans of Park Jin-woo didn’t know whether the handsome actor was married or not, because the actor keeps his private life well away from the media.