About Park Jin-woo (Profile, Wife, Wedding, Movies and Drama List)

Dating Issues of Park Jin-woo

Many fans are curious about Park Jin-woo’s partner, either girlfriend or wife, even looking for the possibility of marriage rumors. But at the current time, Park Jin-woo is not known to have any relationship. As a single and hot man, his fans love to match him up with his partner in some dramas like Love on a Rooftop (2015) and  Man Who Sets The Table (2017).

Love on Rooftop‘s Couple Moment


In the KBS2 drama series Love on a Rooftop (2015), Park Jin-woo had the main role as Kang Do-jin and portrayed couple and romantic scenes with a sweet and kind nurse, Yoon Seung-hye, played by Im Se-mi. The main concern of this drama is the survival of Seung-hye, the adopted child of traditional family and the revenge of an ex-maid against the traditional family since she had been kicked out of the house for having a baby with the matriarch’s son.

Although this drama had a major focus on the family, but the romance plot line also became part of the audience’s favorite scenes as well. Many people said that the actor and actress who played as a couple in the move, Kang Do-jin and Yoon Seung-hye, had great synergy.

Park Jin-woo and Im Se-mi’s ‘first date’ scene became the most favored part. The scene located in Insandong on May 28. In this date, Im Se-mi wears a hairclip and asked Park Jin-woo about his opinion with a lovely gaze. Responding to Im Se-mi, Park Jin-woo showed a big smile because he could not stand Im Se-mi’s cuteness. They held each other hands lovely along the date and hanged around the shops there. These two played the role perfectly.

Man Who Sets The Table ‘s couple moment


Not only in Love on a Rooftop, Park Jin-woo also gave a memorable couple performance in his recent drama, Man Who Sets The Table (2017).The drama was about two middle-aged men who risk their families by announcing their marriage. This drama also caught some attention because SNSD Soo-young played the main role as Lee Roo-ri, but she was paired with On Joo-wan as Jung Tae-yang.

Park Jin-woo played the main role as Lee So-won, a handsome and smart doctor. Lee So-won had a deep trauma from being hurt from his first love, so his father encouraged him to marry a rich man’s daughter. His obstacle in the film was with the rich man’s wife and mother-in-law because they liked to interfere with everything.

Park Jin-woo’s partner Seo Hyo-rim, took on the role of Ha Yeon-joo, a cheerful and carefree person. Ha Yeon-joo was the only daughter of the rich man, raised with everything she wants. She loved to spending her money and prettying herself, despite being ignored by her husband.


In this drama, they became a married couple. Park Jin-woo even uploaded his photo with Seo Hyo-rim in his Instagram account.