Let’s Get to Know Park Jin-hee’s Family, from Her Lawyer Husband to Her Adorable Children!

Park Jin-hee

Get to Know Park Jin-hee

Actress Park Jin-hee is known for her leading roles in television series Please Come Back, Soon-ae (2006), War of Money (2007), and Giant (2010). She married her boyfriend on May 11th, 2014, and now she has two children. Let’s get closer to Park Jin-hee’s Family!

Park Jin-hee’s Husband

On April 3rd, 2014, Park Jin-hee’s agency, Costar Entertainment, revealed that it was confirmed that Park Jin-hee would be getting married in May 2014, even though the exact wedding date and location was still unknown. The agency also revealed that the groom-to-be was a lawyer, who worked at a law firm in Seoul and is five years younger than Park Jin-hee. The agency said that Park Jin-hee would continue her acting activities even after getting married.

The couple first met in the autumn of 2013, during the shooting of the MBC drama Huh Joon, The Original Story (2013). A mutual acquaintance introduced them to each other and they naturally developed a romantic relationship. The couple shared many things in common. Both were actively interested in protecting the environment. The groom-to-be said he was attracted to Park Jin-hee because of her modesty and kind heart. The couple dated for about 11 months before deciding to get married.

A few weeks later, there was an update on her wedding. Park Jin-hee and the groom planned to hold a very small and intimate wedding with only family and closest friends invited. Both the bride and the groom were taking care of the details.


May 11th, 2014, was the date of Park Jin-hee’s wedding day. They held a private ceremony with only family and closest friends in attendance, at the Hotel Shilla, Seoul. No press were invited to the wedding, but the actress did reveal some of her wedding pictorials. In the photo, Park Jin-hee looked beautiful in her white gown holding a bouquet. However, she didn’t post a photo of the groom.

Park Jin-hee’s Children

Two months after the wedding, Park Jin-hee found out that she was four months pregnant and focused on her health.

On November 7th, 2014, Park Jin-hee gave birth to her daughter, around 2 p.m. (KST). Both the mother and the child were in healthy condition. The pre-birth nickname for Park Jin-hee’s daughter was revealed to have been Nal-doong, taken after soccer player Christiano Ronaldo’s last name as her husband was a big fan of soccer. However, the baby’s real name has not been disclosed.

On September 8th, 2015, Park Jin-hee appeared as a guest on tVN’s Taxi. She revealed her lovely daughter Yeon-seo in the variety show. Her mother-in-law appeared as well. One of the MCs, Lee Young-ja said that Yeon-seo was so pretty and even smelled lovely. Park Jin-hee’s mother-in-law gave compliments to the actress and called her a master of raising children. She also said that Park Jin-hee raised the baby so well and she was a wife and daughter-in-law who always gives.


On June 16th, 2018, Park Jin-hee’s agency announced that Park Jin-hee gave birth to a son at about 3 a.m. (KST), at a hospital in Suncheon, South Jeolla Province. The mother and the baby were both healthy. Park Jin-hee was getting rest with a happy and thankful heart. Her agency thanked everyone who has been congratulating her and showing concern.

In Park Jin-hee’s latest Instagram post on October 24th, 2018, she posted photos of her adorable daughter and son.