With Drastically Changed Looks, Did 15&’s Park Ji-min Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Check Out 15&’s Jimin’s Plastic Surgery Rumors

In an Instagram post on June 13, 2018, Park Ji-min of 15& uploaded a selfie of herself with dim lighting, a smile, and blonde hair. Of course, such a pose and hairstyle is nothing out of the ordinary, but what started netizens talking is her appearance that looks very different from the girl who won the first season of K-Pop Star. Some say that she underwent plastic surgery, some argue that it is just puberty taking a toll on her face, and others believe that it is the effect of her losing too much weight.

Here are some comments from a news article on Naver:

“Her eyes and nose have changed,” “I don’t think it’s just the weight loss,” “I think I’ve seen her often in Gangnam,” “I’m slow with these things but I can even tell her nose job -,-,” “I feel bad for her TT She used to be so cute and pure looking. She got work done everywhere.. hul,” “I couldn’t recognize her.”

What do you think? Let’s take a look at the pictures below to see the difference!


These two pictures were taken during her K-pop star days.

TV Daily
Star Journal

And, this was her around when 15& debuted.

Now, let’s take a look at her recent Instagram posts.

Instagram @jiminxjamie
Instagram @jiminxjamie
Instagram @jiminxjamie

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