Park Jimin “15&” Instagram and Twitter Account


Meet 15&’s Park Jimin, The First Winner of K-Pop Star

Park Jimin, who also writes her name as Jimin Park, is a South Korean singer-songwriter and television host. Born on July 5, 1997, she spent seven years living in Thailand with her family before returning to Korea. She launched her career after winning the survival singing competition “K-Pop Star Season 1” in 2012 and is best known for being a member of the K-Pop duo ‘15&‘ (with Baek Yerin), which debuted in 2012 under JYP Entertaiment. In 2015, Jimin made her solo debut and also became a host of the music program “After School Club” with Kevin Woo and formerly Eric Nam. She has done several radio programs as well.

Jimin is a very skilled vocalist with a very great understanding of music and her own voice. Her understanding of where to place the voice is quite advanced especially for someone so young. Despite being so successful at a young age, Jimin is also widely known as a down-to-earth and friendly person both in real life and on the social medias that she personally owns.

15& Park Jimin’s Instagram


Her Personal Instagram : jiminxjamie

Instagram is a place to share pictures of yourself, your pet, your food, and whatever else is in your life to let people see what we’ve been up to. Jimin created an instagram account on November 2010 at around the same time as her twitter account. She is considered an active celebrity user for posting so many portraits and personal moments.

Aesthetically Pleasing Selfies


There are so many beautiful and aesthetic-like selfies that Jimin has shared on instagram. Looks like she’s got the talent for making photos look aesthetically pleasing. Not only did she post selfies, there were also some photos of her pet, belongings, and friends.

After School Club Memories


Jimin was originally a guest for episode 67 (as a member of 15&) and was an occasional co-host for the main show/MC of After Show from episode 87 onwards. But then she was promoted to co-host of the main show after the cancellation of After Show. She hosted the show together with Kevin Woo and Eric Nam for a while, until it was announced that Eric Nam would be leaving the show on April 2016. Then not long after that the position got filled by her labelmate, DAY6’s Jae Park. It looks like Jimin has been gaining some new friends since she became a host of ASC! You can see the cuteness and chemistry between her and the guests in every photo she’s shared.

Park Jimin’s Twitter Account


Her Official Personal Twitter : @jiminpark07

Twitter was a trend back in 2010 and many of K-Pop celebrities own one to interact with fans, whether it’s s personal or joint account. Jimin created her personal twitter account on November 26, 2010. Just like other Kpop artists in general, Jimin is quite communicative on twitter with her celebrity friends, as well with her fans. She also can be considered diligent enough to deliver greetings on certain days like “Merry Christmas” on Christmas day, or condolences like “Rest in Peace” which was addressed to late Kim Jonghyun‘s sudden death news last December. And as can be seen on her tweets, she often proved her loyalty to JYP by promoting her labelmates’ new songs such as Stray Kids, Jun.K, etc.

However, she doesn’t look much addicted to twitter, because she barely tweets anything in a week. Most of the tweets were just promoting her friends or her favorite artists’ songs. Despite the fact that her twitter got marked with a blue verified badge, she never shared personal opinions or caused controversy in order to draw attention or get more interests from public.