Park Ji-hoon Debut as Soloist and Released Official Website

Park Jihoon

Meet The Handsome Ex Popular Trainee Produce 101 Season 2, Park Ji Hoon!

Park Ji Hoon is known as a popular trainee from Produce 101 Season 2. He was debuted as a child actor before he joined the survival program, and Park Ji hoon represented Maroo Entertainment in the second season of Produce 101. He experienced a sudden rise in popularity after going viral as ‘wink boy’ and his self-made aegyo catchphrase ‘save you in my heart‘, He is the second member of the project boy-group Wanna One under YMC Entertainment.

Wanna One disbanded on December 31, 2018, and Park Ji Hoon officially completed his activities as a Wanna One member. He is currently busy with his solo career. In this article we tell you all about Park Ji Hoon’s solo career so far, so stay tuned!

Debut As Soloist


Park Jihoon

After his activities as Wanna One’s Park Ji Hoon were completed, Maroo Entertainment made an announcement that Ji hoon would be debuted as a soloist. On March 26, Park Ji Hoon released his first solo album, O’Clock, with the lead single “L.O.V.E.”, then, in the same month, Park Ji Hoon was also part of the cast in JTBC’s upcoming historical drama titled Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency. He also held a solo fan meeting tour around Asia. Kicking off the tour in Seoul, he then continued to Taipei, Bangkok, Manila, Hong Kong, Macau, Osaka, and Tokyo.

Fandom Name and Official Light Stick

Park Jihoon's Lighstick

Before Ji Hoon asked fans to send in suggestions for his fan club name. Maroo Entertainment stated that Ji Hoon himself will directly select the name of the fan club from the applications and now, we have the results!

Park Ji Hoon has revealed the fandom name he picked out on January. He announced on his personal social media accounts that his fandom will be called ‘May’ which is also the month of his birth.

Ji Hoon hasn’t released an official lightstick for his fans, but May (Ji Hoon’s fans) have already made a lightstick for him, And it looks so cute!

Official Website Released

Park Jihoon
Park Jihoon’s Website

May are getting more excited because, on January 8, his agency, Maroo Entertainment, stated “Today at 5:29 p.m., as soon as Park Ji Hoon’s official website opened, the servers crashed because of an overwhelming number of viewers.” He launched a website for sharing updates and communication with his fans. If you want to visit his official website, click here!

O’Clock Album Details

Park Jihoon

As we mentioned before, Park Ji Hoon officially made his solo debut and released his first solo album, O’Clock, with the lead single ‘L.O.V.E.’ on March 26, and he also held a debut showcase for the release of his first mini-album, titled O’Clock.

L.O.V.E Released and Song Meaning


Park Jihoon

The music video of his single titled ‘L.O.V.E.’ was released on March 26, 2019, at 6 p.m. KST. In an interview, Park Ji Hoon explained that the song is an R&B number with a touch of fresh energy about a sincere confession of love from a man.

Reporting from Soompi, the title track was written directly by TENZO, Kebee, and also ROUN and was composed by Park Ji Hoon was assisted by Tenzo, LOOGONE, and also MUNA.

Debut Stage Performance Video

Park Ji hoon did his first debut stage performance in his debut showcase, which you can watch below.

First Fan Meeting

Park Jihoon

Park Ji Hoon held his first fanmeet, entitled ‘First Edition’, at the Grand Peace Palace at Kyunghee University, Seoul, on Saturday, February 9, 2019. This fanmeet is also planned to be held in several other cities in Asia, such as Taipei, Bangkok, Manila, Hong Kong, Macau, Osaka and Tokyo.

Three Wanna One members came to the Ji Hoon fanmeet in Seoul to give him a surprise, and three of them looked so compact in black clothes.

Get First Win During Fan Sign Event

Park Ji Hoon got his first-ever music show win as a solo artist for his latest solo debut title track ‘L.O.V.E’ on the April 5th broadcast of Music Bank. The singer was nominated along with Jang Beom June’s ‘every moment with you’, but ultimately won the trophy with 6,030 points.

Park Ji Hoon wasn’t present for the recording on that day because he was on a fansign schedule and the fans (May) who were attending the fansign that day told him about his win and shouting to congratulate his 1st win on Music Bank. Ji Hoon who was confused by the shouting fans then stood up and thanked his fans.

Latest Schedule

Park Jihoon

on May 12, Ji Hoon will attend an IM Meme fan meeting. Then, on May 18, he is one of the guest stars at the Kcon Japan event. On May 26, Ji hoon is holding a birthday party themed ‘May I Love You?’, which on the 29th is the day of his birth. Can’t wait to see more Ji Hoon as a solo career!