Who Is T-ARA’s Park Ji-yeon’s Boyfriend? Learn More About Her Past Relationship and Her Dating Rumors!

Are Park Ji-yeon and Jung Joo-young Dating?


In 2018, Ji-yeon was again rumored to be dating idol Jung Joon-young. A representative of Ji-yeon told OSEN, “Jiyeon’s and Jung Joon-young’s dating news is not true. She (Ji-yeon) isn’t dating anyone.”

Then Jung Joon-young’s agency also denied the rumor:

“Jung Joon-young is not dating Ji-yeon from T-ara. They are just friends,” the agency said. In fact, there are many news stories claiming that the two of them have been dating for a year now.


This is the second time Jung Joon-young is reportedly dating Ji-yeon. This was revealed by a source who claimed to be a friend of Jung Joon-young, who has stated that the two of them were dating. “Jung Joon-young himself said that they were dating. They had been dating since last year,” he said.

Well, what do you think about this? Do you think it’s true that the two of them are in a relationship?