Who Is T-ARA’s Park Ji-yeon’s Boyfriend? Learn More About Her Past Relationship and Her Dating Rumors!


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Roly Poly Roly Roly Poly~~!! Of course, you know the lyrics to the song, right? Yes, that is the lyrics of the song that had the chance to go viral from T-Ara. T-Ara is indeed known as a girl group that has a very unique concept and is different from any other girl group. Park Ji-yeon is a visual or face of T-Ara. She has a very beautiful and charming face.

Besides having the ability to sing and dance, Ji-yeon is also good at acting. She has starred in the horror film Death Bell 2 and the immensely popular Korean drama Dream High 2. Because of her great ability and very beautiful appearance, she is often rumored of dating a number of actors and singers, and Ji-yeon has admitted dating some among them.

Who are the actors and singers who have dated Park Ji-yeon? Check this out!

Park Ji-yeon and Park Tae-joon Dating Rumor


In 2015, Park Ji-yeon was rumored to be dating ulzzang Park Tae-joon. Netizens found strong evidence that the two of them have a special relationship, namely a photo of a dog. But the uploaded photo is an old photo of the two that was taken in 2010.

In 2010, Park Ji-yeon and Park Tae-joon uploaded photos of dogs with different dates. However, if examined further there are similarities between the two photos of the dog. The photo together shows a picture of a cute dog using a rabbit-style headband. Not only the dog is the same but in the photo, there is also a bag that looks the same. After investigating the photos uploaded at different times, it turned out that Park Ji-yeon uploaded the photo of the dog in May, while Park Tae-joon a month later.


The second proof that is not less powerful is Park Tae-joon’s recognition at an event. In the show Ullzang Generation Season 3, this handsome man proudly and undoubtedly admitted that he was dating a member from a girl band. Although he did not mention who it is, netizens had enough material to assume that the girl that Park Tae-joon is dating is none other than Park Ji-yeon from T-Ara.

However, the agencies of Park Ji-yeon and Park Tae-joon have not provided official explanations and confirmations related to this rumor. Well, what do you think? Are they really dating?

Dating Rumor Between Ji-yeon and Yesung


In 2012, Ji-yeon was rumored of having a special relationship with one of Super Junior’s members, Yesung. They were rumored to be dating because many of their fans have found some evidence showing how close Jiyeon and Yesung were. Among the evidence was the fact that both of them were wearing the same accessories and looked like a couple.

Let’s look at the facts of Ji-yeon and Yesung’s affection. Check this out!

1. At that time, Ji-yeon had uploaded all of the players and crew of Dream High 2 on Twitter, then 19 hours later she followed 19 people who were close friends, like IU and other T-Ara members. Then, out of the many boy group members, Ji-yeon only followed Yesung, which was considered somewhat of a proof of the special relationship between the two.


2. There were also many photos circulating, showing that Ji-yeon and Yesung are wearing matching couple’s objects, such as bracelets and rings. At various events and concerts, they were even seen wearing black bracelets and rings. The model, color and shape of the rings and bracelets they wear are the same.


3. The Yesung family has a brand for handphone cases called WHYSTYLE. At one time, when Ji-yeon’s cellphone was caught on camera, it could be seen that she was using the same cellphone casing as WHYSTYLE. The only difference being that Ji-yeon used a white case.


4. When Super Junior and T-Ara were on the same stage on Music Bank, Yesung was caught on camera staring at Ji-yeon while she was conducting an interview. Yesung looked at Ji-yeon with an open gaze and a wide smile.


Well, what do you think about that? Do you think that at that time Ji-yeon and Yesung had a special relationship?

Park Ji-yeon and Lee Dong-gun’s Relationship


In 2015, Ji-yeon was thought to have a relationship with actor Lee Dong-gun. Their agencies also confirmed the news and said that it was true that Park Ji-yeon and Lee Dog-gun were dating. In fact, Lee Dong-gun had the pleasure to personally announce the news through his social media:

“Hello. This is Lee Dong-gun. I don’t know how many months since I left Korea. I have finished filming well and I’m currently filming dramas in Shanghai. I really rarely use social media. Related to the photos of me and Ji-yeon circulating, first of all, I’m sorry that you have to find out through the media.”

“Ji-yeon and I are still in the stage of getting to know each other. Even though she is much younger than me, she is so wise and careful, that she is the source of my strength, to the point that I don’t feel the difference in our age.”


“It could be that people have different views on our relationship, but what is clear is that I will not falter because of the opinions of others. I will protect it.”

“Please be by my side, by our side. I know there aren’t many who are willing to give us support right now. I ask this without hesitation because you are always loyal to me without changing one bit.”

“The person I was waiting for finally came into my life. Love. I believe this is fate so I don’t doubt it. I will do well. Please trust and be with me.”

“P.S I only hope for happiness … for all of us.”


However, their relationship ended in 2017. After 2 years of dating, they decided to split up. A week after breaking up, Lee Dong-gun announced his marriage to Yon Hee and said that Yon Hee had been pregnant with his child. Lee Dong-gun and Jo Yoon-hee were confirmed dating after finishing the filming together the drama titled Laurel Tree Tailors.

Surely this news is very shocking isn’t it? Well, how do you respond to this? Hopefully, both of them will really find their happiness in life.