Everything You Need to Know About ‘Strong Woman Do Bong-soon’ Main Actor Park Hyung-sik

Fun Facts

  1. Park Hyung-sik has the sheep animal zodiac while having the Scorpio star sign.
  2. Park Hyung-sik in Hangul (형식) stands for “빛날 형, 심을 식” which means “Shining Hyung, planting Shik” in English.
  3. Park Hyung-sik was named by a Buddhist monk as his mother and grandmother are Buddhist.
  4. Park Hyung-sik’s father is from Seoul and his mother is from Busan. He came from a fairly well-off family where his father has a high position at BMW Korea.
  5. Park Hyung-sik has one older brother named Park Min-shik.

  6. Park Hyung-sik is really close to his father, and he gives his father a kiss before going to work even at his age.
  7. Park Hyung-sik really loves to eat. He can’t choose only one food in one sitting so he orders from multiple menus to eat.
  8. Park Hyung-sik is the type who doesn’t gain weight easily no matter how much he eats.
  9. Park Hyung-sik is not very good at drinking alcohol so he picks beverages such as cocktails as his choice of sweet drinks.
  10. Park Hyung-sik was scouted by SM and YG, but he rejected them because at first he was still hesitant and wasn’t serious yet about having a career in the music industry.
  11. Park Hyung-sik’s hobbies are playing games, fencing, and skiing.
  12. Park Hyung-sik attended Shingal Elementary School, Giheung Middle School, and Shingal High School.
  13. Park Hyung-sik is a close friend with BTS’s V and actor Park Seo-joon, who he became close to after starring in the drama Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth together.

  1. Park Hyung-sik likes to play tricks on his fellow members in ZE:A, especially the older members, and he would run away from them with an innocent look.
  2. Park Hyung-sik in one of the tallest members in ZE:A before his fellow member Im Si-wan who is also a well-known actor.
  3. Park Hyung-sik has a great singing ability. Before becoming an idol, he received praise from the public and his fans for his skill while covering a song by Davichi, which is one of the most vocally talented duos in South Korea.

  1. Kwang-hee is the closest member to Park Hyung-sik. They are often sharing moments together, especially while sharing food.

  2. Park Hyung-sik’s favorite artist is Park Hyo-shin.
  3. United Artist Agency (UAA) is an agency that manages top stars such as Yoo Ah-in and Song Hye-kyo. The new agency began managing Park Hyung-sik,and they expressed a positive responses due to his contract, “Park Hyung-sik is an actor with a diverse array of charms and outstanding acting abilities. Having the opportunity to work with him is a blessing. Park Hyung-sik is a multi-talented actor and we will work our hardest to show off Park Hyung Sik’s many strengths.”

  4. Park Hyung-sik and Lee Sung-kyung reunited as Korean dubbed voices for the animated movie Trolls. Both the actor and actress took roles to be the voices of Princess Poppy and Branch for the Korean release of the movie under the production house DreamWorks.

  5. Park Hyung-sik is known for having great fashion among male celebrities in South Korea. He often posts a daily picture on his Instagram feed. He is also often photographed by the media.
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Plastic Surgery?


Park Hyung-sik was reported to have gone through plastic surgery. There was also another speculation from the public, especially from his fans, regarding his recent appearance. They started to compare his looks from his pre-debut to his present look. The fans noticed some signature points on Park Hyung-sik’s face such as his mole, elvish ears, and a bump scar right on his chin. This circulated many responses regarding Park Hyung-sik’s transformation to his current look, but some of his fans think that it’s pretty much all natural.

Mole Removal?


Many fans speculate that the actor removed some of his signature points. Park Hyung-sik has a mole on his chin at one point. The rumor of Park Hyung-sik receiving plastic surgery is a bit too much since removing a mole is not considered plastic surgery, but there has been a lot of recent photos of Park Hyung-sik’s mole being completely gone from his chin. Some fans speculated that he is using make-up to cover his mole, and there is no official statement that Park Hyung-sik has permanently removed the mole.

Dental Structure Transformation


Park Hyung-sik had crooked teeth when he debuted as a young actor and idol. However, as a celebrity, it is important to have a perfect smile. However, teeth correction is not considered plastic surgery but an orthodontic treatment to straighten teeth. As you can see, the photos show slightly different smiles from his debut to now.

Rumor of Eyelid Surgery


Many celebrities from South Korea go through eyelid surgery to have bigger eyes to improve their looks and confidence since they mostly have mono eyelids. Some suspect that Park Hyung-sik transformed his eyes to be bigger by undergoing eyelid surgery.


However, there is no official statement regarding Park Hyung-sik having eyelid surgery, and the claim of the actor having bigger eyes seems weak after comparing his pre-debut photos to his recent look. Park Hyung-sik still has mono eyelids. The rumor of Park Hyung-sik having bigger eyes does not seem to be true, and his eyes appear to be the same as his pre-debut look.

Jawline Surgery Rumors


In a recent interview with South Korean media outlet Ilgan Sports around August 2015, the idol was informed of rumors regarding him and his new appearance after being cast in the television drama High Society. Park Hyung-sik strongly denied the rumors of him undergoing plastic surgery. He stated he was simply taking care of himself and changed his diet method for his upcoming drama.


Park Hyung-sik also said that he had not taken good care of himself until then, and he used to eat no matter how late it was and then go straight to sleep. Then, that would affect his image and make him appear bloated on his face and look fatter. The actor changed his habits to take care of himself before filming the drama and focused on improving his appearance. He added that he worked out a lot and ate chicken breast. He noticed a big transformation with his looks, especially with his jawline which became sharper and his eyes which became bigger after his successful diet.


The result was true, and Park Hyung-sik has a sharper chin and jawline due to slight weight loss as compared to his appearance many years ago before he found the right diet for him.



Park Hyung-sik is known as an actor who has an excellent and great body shape. He has a masculine and toned body along with his charismatic looks. He also does a lot of workouts to maintain his body’s shape and follows a healthy diet.


He is one of the shyest idols in regards to his abs, but he showed them off in the drama High Society while lifting weights to enhance the appearance of his biceps and muscles. On another set, he looked topless while showing off his 6 pack.


Park Hyung-sik doesn’t seem like the type to have bulky muscles, but in order to maintain a healthy life and a proportional body shape, he adjusted himself to stay in shape by working out and eating healthy.


Dating Rumor


When Park Hyung-sik became an actor, he gained a lot of popularity and interest after filming the television drama Strong Woman Do Bong-soon and showed great chemistry as boyfriend material after being cast along with actress Park Bo-young. Fans became curious about the relationship between the actor and actress in real life and were interested in knowing if he was currently dating anyone or not.

The idol himself revealed that he doesn’t think it’s the right time for him to date yet, and he still has a long way to go in his journey and career to reach his life’s goals and doing everything he wants. After he achieves his goals, he thinks it will be the right time for him to start dating. There is also no official statement revealing that the idol has ever dated anyone or has had a relationship since his debut in 2010.


Park Hyung-sik revealed in an interview that he had a relationship with someone during his pre-debut when he was still in the middle school. There’s no official information about who the lucky girl was, and neither of them has revealed anything to the public.

Ideal Type

Park Hyung-sik is the type of man who wants to observe the girl for a long time before dating so that he will be sure to make the first step and make it to a long-lasting relationship. He also hasn’t found the right girl for him to date so he thinks he became someone who is a hopeless romantic as he is still waiting for the perfect girl to come into his life. He feels like a lovely side of his character is beginning to disappear.

Park Hyung-sik also revealed his ideal type of girlfriend is someone who can rely on him so that he can be a man who can protect his girlfriend all the time. Additionally, he wants to find her personality attractive when she has a passion for her work and goes for everything she wants. The idol himself also revealed that he will take his love and relationship with his girlfriend in the future seriously, and he will be proud to introduce his girlfriend to the public and also his friends.


Among celebrities, Park Hyung-sik has a huge crush on the foreign actresses Kristen Stewart and Amanda Seyfried. Since these actresses are foreign people, he finds them attractive, and they can exchange their culture and help him improve his oral or written English skills.

Check out this video below about Park Hyung-sik’s ideal type from an interview:

Thoughts About Marriage

Park Hyung-sik once shared thoughts about a marriage plan. He said that he will be marrying the girl he loves when he’s ready to take care of someone he loves and bring them into his family. There are no official plans from the idol to marry in the near future.

Perspective on Relationships

On August 5th, 2015, Park Hyung-sik shared his thoughts on love and marriage in an interview with Korea’s Nate News. Park Hyung-sik was asked about his latest drama High Society and how the character he played was related to his personal life. The actor answered that if he started dating someone and was sure that he will get married soon, he will not hesitate to introduce and expose his relationship to the public.

Park Hyung-sik also explained that he thinks people nowadays don’t realize the meaning of love and a relationship. The actor shared about looking back on his father’s generation when it was more affectionate and undying, but those things are so rare and hard to find these days. He was also specific and shared the details about how he hopes to fall in love. He thinks that it would be great if he met his true love while on vacation so he doesn’t have any desire to return home.

Rumored to Be With…..?


Park Hyung-sik recently had a perfect relationship in a drama with actress Park Bo-young. They built great chemistry with each other in every scene of their latest drama Strong Woman Do Bong-soon.


Park Bo-young is a South Korean actress who was born in Jeungpyeong County, Chungcheong Province, South Korea, on February 12th, 1990. The actress with her signature baby face is best known as her leading role in the hit movie Scandal Makers (2008) and A Werewolf Boy (2012) with actor Song Joong-ki. In this movie, Park Bo-young was also rumored to be dating Song Joong-ki after being cast in the same movie and having great chemistry.


As reported from Koreaboo, Park Hyung-sik admitted that he really loved Park Bo-young as the female lead of the drama Strong Woman Do Bong-soon for truly being in character and being so lovable. The actor who played the role of CEO Ahn Min-hyuk shared his feelings that he wanted to love her more, but the drama ended. After rumored to be dating, Park Hyung-sik claimed that he fell in love with Park Bo-young and admitted that his feelings grew while the two were filming the drama and so their chemistry was built successfully enough to make viewers jealous of the couple. All the romantic and kiss scenes appeared to be performed very naturally. This is what began the rumor that the two have a special relationship in real life. The rumors of their closeness were increasingly reported after Park Hyung-sik revealed that the biggest reason he accepted the role as Ahn Min-hyuk was that he would be paired with Park Bo-young.


“I’d feel dumbfounded if I missed the opportunity, so I agreed to get involved. However, after I knew I would be paired with Park Bo-young, I am more confident and sure that I have to join this drama and everyone around me turned out jealous,” Park Hyung-sik explained.


The actor himself admitted that there was no difficulty in playing as Ahn Min-hyuk. He also claimed that he is quite satisfied with his acting in this drama and was able to express his emotions through every scene. “A kiss scene between myself and Bong-soon came out naturally and good on the camera because I portrayed Ahn Min-hyuk very well while doing the kiss scene. I think it was very important, and I truly cared for the character I played. The love of Ahn Min-hyuk and Do Bong-soon was built up by themselves through the affection and sincerity which came from the lovely and sweet side of Park Bo-young who fitted the character of Do Bong-soon very well,” He explained.

However, Park Bo-young and Park Hyung-sik never revealed an official statement of their official dating in real life. They’re both adorable and received much love from their fans after appearing in the same drama with great chemistry between each other. The viewers of Strong Woman Do Bong-soon were hoping that the two stars were dating in real life, but they didn’t come out as hoped. So, what do you think about this couple?

Latest News

Visiting Actress Han Ji-min on the Set of Familiar Wife

The relationship of actor Park Hyung-sik and Han Ji-min successfully made fans jealous. Even though they are not currently working together, the two stars who met after working on a short film together still maintain their friendship. Park Hyung-sik often goes to the location of Han Ji-min’s filming set for her upcoming drama. Han Ji-min was filming the drama Familiar Wife with actor Ji-sung. Park Hyung-sik was caught at the location offering snacks for the actress and the production staff.


As seen in the photo below, Park Hyung-sik wrote the message “The Noona I Know” as the tagline of the banner from the food truck. Both of them also had the chance to take a photo together during a break on the filming set.


The two stars were cast to play in the short movie Two Lights: Relúmĭno in 2017. They took parts as blind people who fell in love with each other.

In another occasion, Han Ji-min also sent a food truck as support to her best friend Park Hyung-sik when he was filming Suits a few months ago.

These two were almost seen as a supportive couple to each other. They look like more than friends and have built a special relationship. But, until now, there is no official report that Han Ji-min and Park Hyung-sik are dating each other. What do you think about the relationship between Park Hyung-sik and Han Ji-min? Are they just friends or does it seem like they are secretly dating each other?

Endorser for Bench


On June 9th, 2018, Park Hyung-sik became an official global “benchsetter” as the newest face of the Philippines retail giant Bench.

The owner of the business, Ben Chan, shared this exciting news on Instagram with a teaser video while introducing his latest endorser.


Sometimes a lawyer, sometimes a CEO, and now a #GlobalBenchsetter,

In the recent video, the actor was seen wearing pants, varsity T-shirts, and a lot of various denim jackets. Many viewers expect that the new campaign with Park Hyung-sik will be for a new collection from Bench.


Esquire Magazine Interview: Acting Dreams and Suits


In March 2018, Park Hyung-sik became a model for Esquire. He was ready to set a strong image and wore a luxury watch from Tiffany & Co. for the April 2018 issue.


Park Hyung-sik shared about his drama Suits that was aired on KBS. He revealed his excitement about working with senior actor Jang Dong-gun, who is mostly known for his manly charm. The actor also said he played an attractive character this time so he worked a lot in an easy and fun way.


He also revealed his dedication to work in regards to his preparation for his role as a genius lawyer since it was the first time for him to play as a professional, and it was also a new experience for him to learn and memorize a code.


At the end of the interview, Park Hyung-sik shared his dream to be a great actor and how he just wants to continue to work. The actor also wants to tackle the challenges this and future dramas offer him so he will work hard to show his passion for acting.

Strong Woman Do Bong-soon’s Production Staff and Cast Went on a Trip to Bali!


Park Hyung-sik and the cast and staff of Strong Woman Do Bong-soon enjoyed a holiday in Bali after filming ended. The photos below were taken from Bali where they seemed to enjoy the holiday and the beauty of the island. Park Hyung-sik shared his moments while having fun in Bali with the others and uploaded updates on his Instagram account.



This is all the information of Park Hyung-sik that we can share with you. Park Hyung-sik is a truly great public figure and puts forth a lot of effort in his career. Let’s hope for the best for the idol-turned-actor Park Hyung-sik so that we can watch his improvement in every work he’s in, whether in singing or in acting as long as he works with passion.