Everything You Need to Know About ‘Strong Woman Do Bong-soon’ Main Actor Park Hyung-sik


Meet Korean Actor Park Hyung-sik

Park Hyung-sik is a South Korean actor who made his first debut as an idol of ZE:A (Children of Empire) (제국의 아이들) in 2010 under Star Empire Entertainment. He used to be promoted as a member of ZE:A and started his career as an idol until he received a lot of attention and love from his fans. He eventually decided to debut as an actor.

Let’s check out more about this talented entertainer below by looking at Park Hyung-sik’s career and personal life!

Profile of Park Hyung-sik


Real Name: Park Hyung-sik (박형식)

Nickname: Baby Soldier, Prince, Romantic Comedy King

Profession: Singer, Actor

Position in Group: Main Vocalist, Visual

Birth: Yongin, South Korea, November 16th, 1991

Zodiac: Scorpio

Height: 183 cm

Weight: 65 kg

Blood Type: AB

Religion: Buddhism

Education: Digital Seoul Culture Arts University, Business Administration

Family: Parents and Older Brother

Talent Agency: Star Empire Entertainment

United Artist Agency (UAA)

Official Sites: Instagram: @phs1116

Twitter: @zea_hyungsik


Before his debut, Park Hyung-sik appeared in a music video by Jewelry S titled “Date” as a model (male lead) in 2009. In the same year, Park Hyung-sik worked as a uniform model, and he appeared on the Mnet reality program titled ZE:A’s Debut Diary along with fellow ZE:A members.


At the beginning of his career, Park Hyung-sik made his debut as a member of ZE:A on January 7, 2010, and in addition to promoting the new boy group, Park Hyung-sik also participated on variety shows and in several dramas.

A year later, Park Hyung-sik made another step in his career by accepting a part in a theatrical project alongside Super Junior’s Ryeo-wook in the musical theater production Temptation of Wolves in 2011. In 2012, Park Hyung-sik began his acting career in a television drama as a cast of Drama Special: I Remember You and Dummy Mommy that aired on SBS. Park Hyung-sik accepted another role the next year in KBS’s Drama Special: Sirius in 2013. In this role, Park Hyung-sik played twin male brothers with different personalities.

For the next project in March, Park Hyung-sik was a part of ZE:A’s first sub-unit, ZE:A Five, along with Im Si-wan, Kevin, Min-woo, and Dong-jun. After promotions ended, Park Hyung-sik was featured in a time-slip drama titled Nine that was aired on tvN. Park Hyung-sik then joined as a cast member of the variety show Real Men and gained a lot of attention from the public by his appearance. This is where Park Hyung-sik got the nickname ‘Baby Soldier’ for his innocent image on the variety show which focused on military service. In 2013, Park Hyung-sik was cast for many dramas and joined variety shows to support his career outside of being an idol. He also starred in the popular teenage drama The Heirs followed by the family drama What’s with This Family.

Years passed, and due to his tight schedule as an actor, Park Hyung-sik learned to be a professional actor and received a lot of attention from the public for every role he has taken. High Society was another drama Park Hyung-sik was cast in, playing a chaebol who manages a gourmet supermarket and falls in love with a part-timer girl who works at his place. At this time, Park Hyung-sik received a lot of attention from his fans, and his popularity increased, especially in Japan, after his appearance in High Society in 2015. In 2016, Park Hyung-sik built up his solo career as an actor and starred in Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth, which is a historical drama, and played the role of Sam Maek Jong. A year later, Park Hyung-sik became known as a professional actor among male celebrities and was no longer a newcomer. Park Hyung-sik was cast as the leading role in the romantic comedy Strong Woman Do Bong-soon and played as CEO Ahn Min-hyuk who owns the game company Ainsoft.

In April 2017, Park Hyung-sik left his idol agency and officially signed up with United Artists Agency (UAA) after becoming an actor. In December 2017, Park Hyung-sik became a co-worker with actress Han Ji-min for the drama Two Rays of Light which is a romantic short film.

For his recent work, Park Hyung-sik starred in the drama series Suits which is a Korean remake of an American legal drama, and he portrayed Mike Ross. He revealed that he had to learn to play a character with both a bright and dark side and it was a challenge for him to play this different role. After the filming of Suits came to an end, Park Hyung-sik was ready to spread his wings to be in another filming project in 2018 titled The Jurors.

Relationship with ZE:A


In a recent interview around April 2017, Park Hyung-sik shared his thoughts about ZE:A and the speculations about their disbandment. Park Hyung-sik said that his fellow members are the greatest source of his strength, and he accepts them as a family. He used to talk about things with them related to their careers which is different than how he talked with his childhood friends. Park Hyung-sik never wanted to say the word disbandment for the group that helped him successfully reach the highest point of his career.

He explained that even though the members are now under different agencies, he still remains as one group with his fellow members as a member of ZE:A. They had to go through a lot of hard and difficult situations to reach their own goals, and Park Hyung-sik genuinely wants them to be successful and happy. This is why he revealed there is no such thing as disbandment with ZE:A, and he hopes the fellow members find success in each of their new beginnings.



Television Dramas

  • 2018 – Suits (Go Yeon-woo/ aired on KBS2)
  • 2017 – Strong Girl Do Bong-soon (Ahn Min-hyuk/ aired on JTBC)
  • 2016 – Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth (Kim Ji-dwi/Sam Maek-jong/King Jin-heung/ aired on KBS2)
  • 2015 – Persevere, Goo Hae-ra (Student Cha Dal-bong, Cameo in ep.1/ aired on MNet), High Society (Yoo Chang-soo/ aired on SBS), She Was Pretty (Himself/ aired on MBC)
  • 2014 – What’s with This Family (Cha Dal-bong/ aired on KBS2)
  • 2013 – Drama Special ‘Sirius’ (Do Eun-chang & young Do Shin-woo), Nine (young Park Sun-woo/ aired on tvN), The Heirs (Jo Myung-soo/ aired on SBS)
  • 2012 – Drama SpeciaI ‘I Remember You’ (Tae-sung/ aired on SBS), Dummy Mommy (Oh Soo-hyyun/ aired on SBS), My Husband Got a Family (Popular Idol Group Member, Cameo in ep.39/ aired on KBS2)
  • 2010 – Prosecutor Princess (Club Man, Cameo in ep. 2/ aired on SBS), All About Marriage (Trainee, Cameo in ep. 18/ aired on KBS2), Gloria (Trainee, Cameo in ep. 11&14/ aired on MBC)


  • 2019 – The Jurors (Kwon Nam-woo)
  • 2017 – Trolls (Korean Dubbing for the character Branch), Two Lights: Relúmĭno (Short Film) (In-soo)
  • 2013 – Justin and the Knights of Valour (Korean Dubbing for the character Justin)
  • 2011 – Ronin Pop (Kin)

Variety Shows

    • 2015 – Law of the Jungle: Indochina (Cast Member/ aired on tvN)
    • 2013 – 2014 – Real Men (Cast Member/ aired on MBC)
    • 2012 – The Romantic & Idol (Cast Member/ aired on SBS)

Drama Musicals

  • 2016 – The Three Musketeers (D’Artagnan)
  • 2013 – 2014 – Gwanghwamun Love Song (Ji-yong), Bonnie & Clyde (Clyde), The Three Musketeers
  • 2011 – Temptation of Wolves (Ban Hae-won)


  • 2017 – “I’ll Be Hereon Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth OST
  • 2017 – “Because of You” on Strong Woman Do Bong-soo OST
  • 2017 – “Two Lights” on Two Lights: Relúmĭno OST
  • 2015 – “You’re My Love” on High Society OST
  • 2014 – “Tomorrow Will Come” on Bonnie & Clyde The Musical OST

2018 Movie Spoiler

The Jurors


Park Hyung-sik is the leading role for the upcoming movie The Jurors. The movie was adapted from the original movie which was released in 2008 in Daegu. The cast includes various South Korean celebrities such as Moon So-ri who plays Kim Joon-gyeom as the powerful chief who leads the trial and Park Hyung-sik who plays Kwon Nam-woo as the last juror who ends up becoming a part of the trial. Other famous actors include Baek Soo-jang, Yoon Kyung-ho,Kim Min-kyung, Seo Jung-yeon, Jo Han-chul, and Jo Soo-hyang.


The movie’s story about the journey of eight ordinary people who become a part of a trial’s jury and decide to uncover the truth behind the case and bring justice their own way. The cast attended the first script reading on June 29th, 2018, and they’re working hard on their own roles within the atmosphere to get the best results for the filming.


Park Hyung-sik commented while attending the script reading that he always thinks the first step is important, and he’s grateful that he can be in a great story along with great senior actors. While he is taking this as a new challenge for his acting career, he promises to do his best for his upcoming movie.

Awards and Nominations


Park Hyung-sik has won awards for his great acting skills including:

  • 1st The Seoul Awards (2017) in the category of Popularity Award, Actor for Strong Woman Do Bong-soon
  • 23rd SBS Drama Awards (2015) in the category of New Star Award and Excellence Award, Actor in a Miniseries for High Society
  • 10th A-Awards (Arena Homme+ and Mont Blanc Korea) (2015) in the category of Contemporary
  • 28th KBS Drama Awards (2014) in the category of Best New Actor and Best Couple Award with Nam Ji-hyun for What’s with This Family
  • 13th MBC Entertainment Awards (2013) in the category of Best Male Newcomer in a Variety Show for Real Men

Park Hyung-sik has been nominated for his great acting skills as well.

  • 2nd Asia Artist Awards (2017) in the category of Popularity Award, Actor for Strong Woman Do Bong-soon and 31st KBS Drama Award in the category of Netizen Award – Male for Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth
  • 51st Baeksang Arts Awards (2015) in the category of Best New Actor (TV) for What’s with This Family and 23rd SBS Drama Awards in the category of Best Couple Award with Lim Ji-yeon for High Society
  • 3rd APAN Star Awards (2014) in the category of Best New Actor and 28th KBS Drama Awards in the category of Popularity Actor Award for What’s with This Family