Do You Know Korean Actress Park Han-byul? Here Is Her Full Profile from Drama to Plastic Surgery!

Park Han Byul

The Beautiful Korean Actress Park Han-byul

Park Han-byul is a Korean actress. Recruited by an entertainment agency, she debuted in the 2003 horror film Wishing Stairs as a role that forced her to learn ballet in two months of exhausting training. She started to get many offers to play in television dramas. After finishing several drama projects, she returned to the big screen in the movie project titled Fate. She then re-entered the horror movie genre by playing in Yoga. Park had done four horror films, and she stated it was quite joyful. She was involved in a horror fiction novel-based movie production alongside Kim Ji-suk. As a result, she gained popularity and made her debut in China.

Park returned to TV, starring in the daily drama One Well-Raised Daughter. In 2015, she starred in the melodrama I Have a Lover where she acted as a woman who was morally ambiguous. In 2017, she took the titular role in various dramas including Borg Mom. Check out her profile below!


Profile of Park Han-byul

Name: Park Han-byul

Birthplace: Seoul

Birthdate: November 17, 1984

Age: 34

Zodiac: Scorpio

Blood Type: O

Height: 168 cm

Weight: 47 kg

Eye color: Dark brown

Hair color: Medium auburn

Family: Husband and son (unknown)

Religion: Protestant

Nationality: South Korea

Hobbies: Photography and dancing

Education: Anyang High School of Art and Konkuk University

Profession: Actress, host, and model

Agency: Daydream Entertainment


Park Han-byul’s Drama List

2003: My Fair Lady as Choi Soo Yeon

2004: Han River Ballad as Mi Ae

2006: Couple or Trouble Oh Yoo Kyung

2006: Freeze as Kim Ji Woo

2007: Blue Fish as Kang Yoon Jung

2007: Couple Breaking as Han Yeo Kyung

2009: Jolly Widows as Han Jin Kyung

2010: Oh! My Lady as Hong Yoo Ra

2011: Bolder by the Day as herself

2013: One Well-Raised Daughter as Jang Ha Na/Jang Eun Sung

2015: A Girl Who Sees Smells as Joo Ma Ri (special appearance in episode 2)

2015: I Have a Lover as Kang Seol Ri

2016: Entourage as herself (special appearance in episode 3)

2017: Borg Mom as Borg Mom


Park Han-byu’s Movie List

2003: Wishing Stairs as Kim So Hee

2008: Fate as Jung Eun Young

2009: Yoga as Sung Yeon Joo

2011: My Black Mini Dress as Yoon Hye Ji

2012: Two Moons as So Hee

2013: Bunshinsaba 2 as Song Qian



Park Han-byul’s Variety Shows

2003: Inkigayo as the host

2015: Law of the Jungle- Yap Island as a cast member in episodes 163-170

Park Han-byul’s Other Appearances

Park Han-byul modeled for a magazine’s cover.

Park Han Byul

Park Han-byul’s Awards and Nominations

2003: 11th SBS Drama Awards, winner of New Star Award (My Fair Lady)

2009: 23rd KBS Drama Awards, nominated as Best New Actress (Jolly Widows)

2010: 5th Asia Festival Awards

2014: 7th Korea Drama Awards, nominated for the Excellence Award, Actress (One Well-Raised Daughter)

2014: 22nd SBS Drama Awards, nominated for the Excellence Awards, Actress in a Serial Drama (One Well-Raised Daughter)

2015: 8th SBS Entertainment Awards, winner of Best Entertainer Award (Law of the Jungle)

2015: 23rd SBS Drama Awards, winner of Special Acting Award, Actress in a Serial Drama (I Have a Lover)

2017: MBC Entertainment Awards, winner of Excellent Award in the Sitcom Category (Borg Mom)