Who Is Park Hae-soo’s wife? Here’s Information About His Marriage, Wife, and Baby

park hae soo wife

Let’s Find Out More About Park Hae-soo’s Wife and Baby!

Probably some of you already know who Park Hae-soo is. Short information about Park Hae-soo: he debuted in 2007 through a theater musical titled Mister Lobby. Park Hae-soo’s name became known and widely spread through his role in Prison Playbook and the Netflix series Squid Game as Cho Sang-woo. Because of his popularity, many people are wondering if is he already married and if he has a baby or not?

For those of you who are still curious about his personal life, especially in terms of marriage, this article is just up your alley because Channel-Korea has provided a detailed rundown of everything about Park Hae-soo’s marital status, wife, and baby. So, keep scrolling down this article!

Park Hae-soo Is a Married Man!

Park hae-soo wedding

Many people still ask about his relationship status, because he looks like a cool ahjussi like Hyun Bin and is often called “husband material”. After 11 years in the entertainment industry, Park Hae-soo finally revealed his status as a married man. Many people felt happy but there are some people who are sad that he isn’t single anymore.

Park Hae-soo’s Wedding in 2019

Park hae-soo wedding

As said before, Park Hae-soo is already married. In January 2019, Park Hae-soo decided to marry the woman he loves. He held a private wedding ceremony in Seoul on January 14th, 2019, and only invited his family, circle of close friends, and some actors like Lee Ki Seop as the MC and Park Kwang-sun.

Park hae-soo wedding

As the agency BH Entertainment said, they asked for people’s blessing and support to the two of them and then they’ll repay it all with Park Hae-soo’s next project. Park Hae-soo personally announced his good news to his fans, with a letter he wrote:

“Hello, this is Park Hae-soo. It’s been a while, and I feel awkward to write this letter or not (talk) through video.” Park Hae-soo might have surprised many people with the news, he said that he will start a new life with his partner. They decided to marry after a year of dating and they met through a mutual friend.

As we know, Park Hae-soo previously had been dating musical actress Lim Kang-hee since 2013 and they broke up in 2017 because of their busy schedules.

Park Hae-soo’s Wife’s Identity

Park hae-soo wife

Along with the agency’s statement, Park Hae-soo also wrote a letter to his fans. In his letter, he expressed his feelings for his future wife (at that time) and promised to share these beautiful moments with his fans. In his letter, he wrote:

“She’s truly a beautiful gift for me. I want to spend the rest of my life with her who is always there for me in good or bad times and gives me strengths. So I decided to marry her.”

In his statement, he never revealed his soulmate’s identity. There’s one thing for sure, his wife isn’t part of the entertainment industry and she is not a celebrity. His wife is younger than Park Hae-soo, their age gap is approximately six years.

Actor Park Hae-soo and His Wife Are Blessed with a Baby Boy

Park hae-soo son

After 2 years of marriage, Park Hae-soo and his beloved wife are finally blessed with a baby boy! His first son was born on the same day as the Netflix series Squid Game premiere, even just a few minutes from the release time. During the interview with Jimmy Fallon, Park Hae-soo expressed his feelings about the series along with sharing the news about his baby’s birth. He said that Squid Game was released at 4 pm KST meanwhile, his baby was born 10 minutes before it.

Because he was born at the Squid Game release date and it is the lucky charm for Park Hae-soo, sometimes his friends call his son “baby squid”.

So, that’s all the information about actor Park Hae-soo’s wife, wedding, status, and also his son. Don’t forget to kindly share this article on your social media and stay in touch with us through our Twitter @CKoreaOfficial and our website, here!