Everything You Need to Know About ‘Cheese In The Trap’ Main Actor Park Hae-jin

Park Hae-jin

Park Hae-jin’s Acting Career

Park Hae-jin is a popular actor from South Korea. He made his acting debut in KBS Weekend Drama Famous Chil Princesses. His role was as Yeon Ha-nam, an army sergeant who is Lee Tae-ran’s aide. Through his acting, he received the Best New Actor award. The following year, he became the main cast in drama Heaven & Earth along with Han Hyo-joo. The drama portrayed issues in the modern family, such as the difficulties faced by stepparents and stepchildren and the high divorce rate among the younger generation.

Park Hae-jin also became main cast in drama East of Eden, co-starred with Song Seung-heon and Yeon Jung-hoon. The drama is about a saga of the bitter rivalry between two men who are eternally bound by fate. In his next drama project, drama Hot Blood (2009), he became the main lead who is a car salesman who is driven by upward mobility and a thirst for personal success.

Park Hae-jin

In 2011, Park Hae-jin made his debut in China, for the drama Qian Duo Duo Marry Remember. He acted as the lead role named Xu Fei. He also contributed in the soundtrack for a few tracks for the drama. He sang the opening and the ending theme song. The drama was a hit and earned 1.5 billion views in two weeks. He won the ‘Asia Star Award’ at the 2012 LeTV Awards and became the first Korean actor to receive the award. He also starred in another Chinese drama, Another Kind of Splendid Life. In this drama, he became a famous superstar named Liu Da Ming. His co-star was Jiang Kai Tong.

In 2012, Park Hae-jin became the main cast in Seo-young, My Daughter. He acted as Lee Sang-woo, the twin sibling of Lee Seo-young (acted by Lee Bo-young). The two suffered hardships along with their mother because of their father’s poor financial decisions. The drama reached a viewership rating of 47.6% and became the highest rated Korean drama of 2013. The following year, he acted in My Love From The Star along with Jun Ji-hyun and Kim Soo-hyun. The drama was a major hit and received immense popularity across Asia. He acted as Lee Hee-kyung, the childhood friend of Cheon Song-yi (played by Jun Ji-hyun) who has unrequited love for her.

Park Hae-jin

In 2014, he played in Doctor Stranger, as a genius who graduated from Harvard and become doctor to take revenge on Myung-woo Hospital. He became Lee Jong-suk’s rival in the drama. He also played in an action drama, Bad Guys. He acted as Lee Jung-moon, the youngest member of Mensa (a club full of people with high IQs). His character was a genius with an IQ of 165 and acquired doctorate degrees in math and philosophy. However, behind his boyish facade, he is a psychopath serial killer. He won the KDA Awards in the 8th Korea Drama Awards for his acting.

One of his most popular works is for his acting in Cheese in The Trap along with Kim Go-eun. The drama was based on the webtoon of the same name. He played the lead male, Yoo Jung, the intelligent and successful man who secretly harbors dark sides to his personality. His latest drama that has been aired was Man to Man. He portrayed an elite black ops agent known only to the highest tiers of national intelligence. He works undercover as the bodyguard of Yeo Woon-sang (played by Park Sung-woong), an actor who specializes in portraying villains. He received the Best Artist Award for Actor in Asia Artist Awards for his acting.

Park Hae-jin’s Profile

Park Hae-jin

Name: Park Hae -jn (박해진)

Chinese Name: Piao Hai Zhen (朴海镇)

Profession: Actor and Model

Birthdate: May 1, 1983

Birthplace: Busan, South Korea

Height: 186 cm

Weight: 73 kg

Blood Type: A

Star Sign: Taurus

Education: Seoul Arts College

Agency: Mountain Movement

Instagram: @mountain_movement

Park Hae-jin’s Family

Park Hae-jin

Park Hae-jin had a rough childhood since his parents got divorced when he was a teenager. Not much is known about his early life. He moved back with his mother after 17 years of separation. He is currently living with his sister’s family and mentioned that he looked after his six-years-old niece named So-yool during his free time.