Then and Now: Let’s Look at Park Hae-jin’s Face Transformation

11. Man to Man (2017)

Man to Man is Park Hae-jin’s first Netflix series that also aired on JTBC. He played the role of a secret agent. Looks like he has gotten more mature when we compare his character in this drama with Yoo Jung sunbae. He got to play various kinds of characters since the agent that he portrays often has to be in disguise. His style is quite different from the previous roles that he has played before. But his face is still as handsome as ever, am I right?

His side profile is totally no joke!

12. Cheese in The Trap Movie (2018)

After the success of the series, Cheese in the Trap got it’s movie version as well. He played the same character, Yoo Jung sunbae, even though almost every other character from the drama is replaced by different actors and actresses. In this movie, he played with Oh Yeon-seo, who played Hong Seol. There are really no differences between Yoo Jung in the drama and Yoo Jung in the movie, both he still looks as charming and handsome as our lovely sunbae.

13. Four Men (TBA/2018)

Park Hae-jin’s latest project is a drama titled Four Men, which actually hasn’t begun filming yet due to some technical problems, even though the first script reading has already been done in 2017. The drama will be delayed, even though it was scheduled to be aired sometime in 2018. There still isn’t any official news about when will it be aired. Anyway, we have a still of Park Hae-jin when he shoots for the drama. He will play four different characters in this drama, namely Kang Il-hoon, Chen, Dong-jin and Michael. In the photo below, he is playing as Chen, a cold blood serial killer.

He is showing off a different vibe from his previous serial killer character in Bad Guys. Just like the typical serial killer, his eyes look very fierce and frightening. Even without smiling his face is still handsome, don’t you think? Let’s just hope that this drama will be finished quickly so we can see what kind of other characters he is going to play.


Well, this would be all regarding Park Hae-jin’s transformations. More than a decade has passed since the first time he appeared on the screen, but he still looks the same as before. There might be some parts of his face that look like they have changed but it doesn’t look like he has made any big transformation since he made his debut. Even the photos of him before he debuted show that he still looks the same only he is much younger and more innocent. Only his style is changing, but his good-looking face remains the same with a more mature vibe and improved acting skills.

So, in conclusion, do you think that he actually hasn’t done any type of plastic surgery? Or, could it be that puberty has made him look this handsome? Whatever it is, he is a great actor with brilliant acting skills. Anyway, we will look forward to any new project that he participates in, to see the various characters that he will be playing.