Does Park Hae-jin Have a Wife? Find Out More About His Dating Rumors and Ideal Type!

Cheese in The Trap‘s Park Hae-jin is Married?

The cold-hearted protagonist actor that we all love, Park Hae-jin is definitely a stud that stole the hearts of many fans and viewers alike. Starring in not just one, but two iterations of the webtoon Cheese in The Trap adaptations. He captured hearts left and right through his emotional portrayal of the character Yoo Jung. So, it is only natural that fans start to wonder whether or not the actor himself is still available romantically. His complicated self in the drama might not translate well in attracting women in real life. So, how does Park Hae-jin do it? What kind of girl is he attracted to? Who has he been dating lately? Find out more by reading below!

Park Hae-jin’s Ideal Type

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Starting from his ideal type, Park Hae-jin has never really specified his ideal girl physically, only choosing to describe her through traits he preferred to have in his romantic partners. For example, in one of his interviews, he mentioned how having a stable and healthy mentality is something he finds ideal in women he is attracted to because he hopes that she will serve as his anchor. As someone whose job demands him to be a chameleon and ever-changing, he thinks it will be nice if his partner could understand him through all of that acting.

Aside from that, he hopes that a healthy mentality would help strengthen their bond. He muses about how it is very hard to find someone that is healthy mentally nowadays with various issues weighing down an individual, such as stress and loneliness. Park Hae-jin feels that someone with a bright disposition, along with those qualities, would be best so that they could continue to support each other.

In terms of an example of his ideal type, he has mentioned some names, such as Krystal, Kim Go-eun, Jeon Mi-seon, and AOA’s Seolhyun. This is a very broad range of women in terms of looks, further proving that Park Hae-jin does not really care about outward appearance but pays special attention to personality and how they carry themselves from day to day.

Park Hae-jin’s Views on Dating and Marriage

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Park Hae-jin has previously revealed in interviews that his dating style is very much alike to the characters he plays, somewhere along the lines of being a tsundere archetype. As he is very busy and does not have a lot of free time, it is hard for him to express his feelings earnestly and wholeheartedly.

He also stated that it is very embarrassing when people address him by the nickname ‘ManJitNam’ or the guy that came out of a romantic comedy since he is very similar to the tsundere type. He is not the type to be very sweet through words either, like protagonists in those comics, thus he really does not see the resemblance but if he had to rate himself than he would say that it is around 80% accurate.

Despite not being a good boyfriend in his opinion, Park Hae-jin believes that he could be a great husband. This is due to the fact that he is the type of person that likes to clean right at the moment, for example when he is done eating he would quickly go to the sink and start washing the dishes immediately. As he is great with house chores such as those, he hopes that he could be a great husband.

Even though he has mentioned anecdotes about getting married, he says that marriage is still a long ways ahead. Park Hae-jin has revealed that he used to fantasize about marriage a lot, especially arriving at the age that is nearing the late thirties, but as time went by he just started enjoying the process of working more and is satisfied with just watching his cousins and relatives get married. He said that he learns through their experience, in hopes that he could gain insight for when he does get married.

There is no specific goal that Park Hae-jin has set for when he has to get married, but he has said that he will eventually do it before he turns forty. He just does not want to marry way too late, so that he could enjoy the honeymoon phase and spend time with his wife before really thinking about creating a family and having kids of their own. He said this is due to the fact that his time with his wife will significantly be cut to take care of the kids when the time comes.

Park Hae-jin’s Relationship History

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There are no public reports about him going on dates or having a public relationship with either celebrities or non-celebrities. Yet, he has talked about his exes before, one being the celebrity that he has done a special event for. In one of these instances, as he was dating a celebrity, Park Hae-jin surprised her with balloons for one of their dates. He did not reveal anything more about the location or the reason behind the event, but it just proves that without reports Park Hae-jin is still actively dating.

On the topic of him dating, Park Hae-jin has previously mentioned that it is very hard for him to start dating but when he does, his relationships usually last for a long time. Maybe this is part of the reason why we rarely hear of him dating, due to his loyalty to his girlfriends. Yet, his relationships always seem to end due to his very busy schedule, something that he is thankful for although it hinders the progress of his relationship past casual meetings.

As you may know, there have been rumors of Park Hae-jin getting married circulating the web. But if he is not dating anyone, who could he possibly be marrying? The marriage rumor initially surfaced through reports made by fans and admirers online, that Park Hae-jin is getting married. After confirming with the actor it seems that the spiel was done as a promise to one of his ex-girlfriends, a promise that if in 10 years they are still single, they would get married. Sadly before they reached that milestone, even after dating for a long time, the two went on their separate ways and his ex-girlfriend has found a partner of her own. 2017 marked this 10 year anniversary, thus rumors flew online about his marriage. All of it because of the fact that the promise was brought up.

So what do you think about Park Hae-jin’s dating history? Do you think you might fit his ideal type of girl? Who do you think suits Park Hae-jin the best out of the four ideal types he listed? Comment your thoughts in the comment section below!