Everything You Need to Know About South Korean Actress Park Ha-na

Park Ha-na

The Beautiful Korean Actress Park Ha-na

Park Ha-na is a South Korean actress who is known for her acting in Apgujeong Midnight Sun in 2004 and the television series Mysterious Personal Shopper (2018). She is an artist who works under FN Entertainment. She used to be a member of the idol group named Funny, but her group disbanded not long after their debut. Let’s take a look at her profile and other facts to know her better!

Park Ha-na’s Profile

Park Ha-na

Park Ha Na is a South Korean actress who was born on July 25, 1985. She graduated from the Institute of Paekche Art in Jeollabuk-do, South Korea, where she majored in applied music. Her love for music brought her to debut as a member of the idol group Funny in 2003. However, her group had to disband because they failed to compete with other groups.

She decided to pursue an acting career and debuted as an actress in 2012 through the movie Love Fiction and television dramas such as Twelve Men in a Year and Ms. Panda and Mr. Hedgehog. She rose to fame after she successfully gained a lot of attention for her role in Apgujeong Midnight Sun which led her to win Best New Actress, Serial Drama in 2015 at the MBC Drama Awards. Her role in this drama was as Baek Ya or Baek Seon-dong. She played alongside actor Kang Eun-tak. She has also noticeably appeared in popular dramas such as Empress Ki (2013-2014) and Miss Korea (2013-2014). She also appeared as a model for U-KISS’s music video “Not Young”.

Park Ha-na’s Love Life

Park Ha-na

She has recently confirmed her dating rumor to a non-celebrity boyfriend. Her agency released a statement which says that Ha-na is currently dating a doctor of Korean traditional medicine. Her boyfriend was said to be a handsome doctor who people speculated had to appear in a drama titled Heart Signal 2, but her agency denied the rumor. The media had reported that Ha-na’s boyfriend is an alumnus of Kyung Hee University’s traditional medicine department, and he is currently running his own traditional medicine clinic.

Park Ha-na’s Filmography

Park Ha-na


  • Mongolian Princess (2015) – Ha-Na
  • Steal My Heart | Kaechimi (2013) – Ho-Tae’s house delivery woman

Drama Series

  • Mysterious Personal Shopper | Inhyungui Jib (KBS2 / 2018) – Hong Se-Yeon
  • Girls’ Generation 1979 | Lanjeri Sonyeoshidae (KBS2 / 2017) – Jung-Hee’s aunt
  • The Shining Eun-Soo | Bitnara Eun Soo (KBS1 / 2016-2017) – Kim Bit-Na
  • The Promise | Cheonsangui Yaksok (KBS2 / 2016) – Jang Se-Jin
  • Apgujeong Midnight Sun | Apgujeong Baekya (MBC / 2014-2015) – Baek Ya (Baek Sun-Dong)
  • Empress Ki | Kihwanghoo (MBC / 2013-2014) – Woo-Hee
  • Miss Korea | Miseukoria (MBC / 2013-2014) – Han So-Jin
  • Two Weeks | Toowickseu (MBC / 2013) – Jang Young-Ja
  • Panda and Hedgehog | Pandayanggwa Koseumdochi (Channel A / 2012) – Park Ha-Na

TV Movies

  • Drama Special: Home Sweet Home | Jeulgeowoon Naui Jib (KBS2 / 2016) – Son Ji-A
  • Drama Special: Crimson Moon | Bulgeundal (KBS2 / 2015) – Crown Prince Sado’s wife