All About Korean Actor Park Gun-hyung: Profile, Wife, Son, Marriage, and TV Shows


Korean Actor Park Gun-hyung

Park Gun-hyung is a South Korean actor and born in 1977. Park made his acting debut in musical theatre in 2001 and has since been active on both television and stage. He starred in the ballroom dancing film Innocent Steps (2005), the period drama The Kingdom of the Winds (2008), as well as played doctors in medical drama Syndrome, and romantic comedy I Do, I Do (2012).

Park Gun-hyung married his non-celebrity girlfriend in 2014 and has been living a romantic life since then. A year later, Park welcomed his first son to the world and officially become a father. Until now, this little family are far away from negative words or gossip. You don’t wanna miss all information about Park Gun-hyung. About his profile, wedding and the appearance of him and his son in popular TV show Superman is Back. 

Park Gun-hyung’s Profile

Asian Wiki

Birthday: November 1, 1977 (age 40)
Birth place: Seoul, South Korea
Education: Seoul Institute of the Arts – Theater
Years active: 2001-present
Agent:  Namoo Actors (2004-2017)
Spouse(s): Lee Chae-rim (m. 2014)
Height: 183 cm.
Blood Type: O



  • Three Fellas | Ddukbang Jeonseol (2006) – Park Jung-Kwon
  • Mr. Wacky | Saengnal Seonsaeng (2006) – Woo Joo-Hoo
  • Innocent Steps | Daenseo-ui Sunjeong (2005)- Na Young-Sae
  • DMZ, bimujang jidae (2004) – Lee Min-ki
  • Smile Bus | Seumail Beoseu (2011) – Sang-Ho (Short movie)

TV Series

  • Working Mom Parenting Daddy | Weoking Mam Yooka Daedi (MBC / 2016) – Kim Jae-Min
  • Jung-Yi, Goddess of Fire | Boolui Yeoshin Jung-Yi (MBC / 2013) – Lee Yook-Do
  • I Do, I Do Aidu Aidu (MBC / 2012) – Jo Eun-Sung
  • Syndrome (JTBC / 2012) – Kang Eun-Hyun
  • The Land of the Wind | Baramui Nara (KBS2 / 2008-2009) – Do-Jin
  • When Spring Comes | KKotPineun Bomi Omyeon (KBS2 / 2007) – Lee Jung-Do
  • Ms. Kim’s Million Dollar Quest | Paran Manjang Miseu Kim 10eok Mindeulgi (SBS / 2004)

Variety Shows

  • Real Men (MBC, 2014)
  • The Return of Superman (Ep 185–186, 2017)

Awards and Nominations

  • 2014 MBC Entertainment Awards: Excellence Award in a Variety Show (Real Men)
  • 2009 5th Golden Ticket Awards: Best Musical Actor
  • 2005 4th Korean Film Awards: Best New Actor (Innocent Steps)
  • 2004 10th Korea Musical Awards: Best New Actor (Saturday Night Fever)

Park Gun-hyung’s Marriage and Family


After 2 years dating with his non-celebrity girlfriend, actor Park Gun-hyung were tying the knot with Lee Chae-rim on October 20 2014.

The small private wedding took place at 7 p.m. at the Shilla Hotel in Seoul.

After meeting each other in 2012, the couple soon turned from friends to lovers, and finally they have decided to make it official. The beautiful bride is a regular office worker and 11 years Park Gun-hyung’s junior.

Park’s love towards his girlfriend has been proofed even before they get married. Park Gun-hyung is known for openly expressing his affection when they are still dating on MBC’s Real Men and he even shared their adorable love story with his fellow soldiers on the show.

On May 25, MBC‘s Real Men was aired where Park Gun-hyung received a letter from his girlfriend before going to sleep.

Park Gun-hyung showed pride in his girlfriend as he received this unexpected letter. The other members asked him to reveal the letter and were able to restrain Park Gun-hyung as he tried to read the letter by himself.

In the end, Park Gun-hyung was persuaded and revealed the letter. In the letter, his girlfriend’s affection could be seen through her pretty handwriting. The members cringed as they read her feminine, yet interesting expressions such as, “I miss my love,” “The worry fruit is as ripe as ever. I’m asleep because I got tired from eating,” “I’m your gum.


Park Gun-hyung revealed the first time he met his girlfriend by saying, “I met her by chance at a gathering and when I first saw her, I went up to her, and asked if she had a boyfriend. She didn’t even like me all that much. I kept on meeting her to show my affection. We started meeting during December of last year. She’s 11 years younger than me.”

The affection he had towards his girlfriend could be seen in his eyes. His eyes were filled with tears as Kim Soo-ro read the letter aloud. Earlier that day, Park Gun-hyung called his girlfriend, and the reason why she didn’t pick-up was for this event, making Park Gun-hyung touched by her actions. He was even happier when he found out that she wrote the letter with the pen that he bought her.

Through this letter, a new side of Park Gun-hyung was shown. Usually, he would show his brotherly, yet manly side when he’s with the members, but in front of his girlfriend’s letter, he changed into a soft and tenderhearted man. People are looking forward to the possibility of Park Gun-hyung having the “Romanticist” character in the military variety show.

Then there was also during his wedding preparation, the actor has been suffering from pain in his neck disk. But it didn’t stop him helping his girlfriend with the wedding planning to his best abilities. Such a romantic couple! Check out their pre-wedding and wedding moments below!


In 2015, a year later after their wedding, the couple welcomed their first baby boy who named Lee Jun. One source commented, “Park Gun-hyung’s wife got pregnant November of last year. It’s more meaningful because [the baby] is a honeymoon baby. After hearing the news of the pregnancy, Park Gun-hyung was elated.

Congratulations to the couple!

Park Gun-hyung in Superman is Back

Who does not know this popular reality show about father and children The Return of Superman or Superman is Back. KBS reality show which telling daily activity between celebrity father with his little children alone while his wife takes her rest time. The show has been airing since 2013 and has high rating until now.

In once chance, Lee Jun and his father, actor Park Gun-hyung was announced to make a special appearance on the episode 185-186, on June 4 2017. The actor, who is close friends with Sam Hammington, will be meeting up with William’s family on the episode, while also taking on the ‘Superman is Back’ challenge by taking care of Lee Jun by himself for the first time in his life as a father.

Park Gun-hyung said, “Since I’ve been working on productions nonstop, I wasn’t able to be there while my son grew up. Even for a little while, I wanted to know what it felt like to spend time with my son Lee Jun, just the two of us, through this program.” 


Don’t miss out their real life bounding in the show! Go watch Superman is Back on special appearance of Park Gun-hyung and his lovely son, Lee Jun!