Did Park Eun-bin Undergo Plastic Surgery? Look at Her Face Transformation!


The Pure Beauty and Talented Actress, Park Eun-bin

Park Eun-bin (born on September 4th, 1992) is a young, yet experienced South Korean actress who has already started her career in the entertainment industry at the age of seven. She starred in numerous television dramas when she was a child actress. Park Eun-bin obtained her top popularity when she took the leading role in the drama Hello! My Twenties! (2016) and its sequel.

She also starred in other famous TV series, such as Empress Myeongseong (2001), Queen Seondeok (2009), Hong Kong Express (2005), and the most recent one The Ghost Detective (2018); as well as the big hit Korean movie Death Bell 2: Bloody Camp (2010). Park Eun-bin is considered to be an actress who can fit in any role, from an elegant one to a funny one.


Besides being praised for her hard work since she was a little girl, Park Eun-bin is also known for her goddess-like beauty. Her pure beautiful face has been recognized by people, including the cosmetics brand A’PIEU that made her an endorsement model. The brand itself is a representative of the teen and early 20s spirits that put forward the innocent look, surely Park Eun-bin is the most suitable one for the job.

The representative of the brand said, “Park Eun Bin’s clean, innocent image fits well with our brand’s concept, which emphasizes the use of natural ingredients to bring out a healthy glow. We felt that she would be the best model to express our product’s title, ‘The innocence of a 20-year-old.'” Park Eun-bin looked so stunning in their photoshoot (the photo will be shown below).

But, as with other South Korean beautiful female celebrities, the beauty itself can sometimes bring controversy. Some people are curious to know if Park Eun-bin might have done plastic surgery or not. Are you curious too? Let’s see and compare Park Eun-bin’s photos from her childhood, her teenage years and the present!

collage photo

Comparing her appearance from her childhood photo to her most recent photo (from left to right), that overall, Park Eun-bin has the same facial features, such as the half circle eyes, bright smile and small lips, and also the same face shape and jaw line. The only thing that differs between her old and recent photo is the eyebrows (which can be trimmed without any surgery) and her adult features.

collage photo

The left photo was taken from A’PIEU advertisement in 2011 and the right was taken in 2017. Her nose is also in the same shape, small and a little bit round.

collage photo

The photos above show the comparison between teenager Park Eun-bin and present-day Park Eun-bin. She still looks the same, from the eyes, nose, face shape, and the other facial features.


Are you overwhelmed by Park Eun-bin’s pure beauty? This is a recent photo of her, from the drama Judges vs. Judges in 2017-2018. She looks more adult and elegant, still innocent though.

After making the comparison, we can conclude that Park Eun-bin hasn’t done any significant changes to the features on her face under the surgical knife. She looks the same throughout the years. Well, this proves that Park Eun-bin is truly a natural born beauty with an innocent and pure face, enhanced with a lot of aegyo.