Check Out Park Eun-bin and EXO’s Kai’s Sweet Moments in the Web Drama ‘Choco Bank’!

The Sweet Sweet Drama, Choco Bank!

Choco Bank (Hangul: 초코 뱅크) is a South Korean web series created by Cheil Worldwide Inc. for the Financial Services Commission (FSC). It consists of six episodes about the financial management of start-up businesses and was aired from February 15th to February 21st, 2016. Choco Bank starred EXO’s Kai and Park Eun-bin playing the main characters.

Are you curious about the chemistry between these two? If so, find out more about their sweet chemistry in this article!


Park Eun-bin and EXO’s Kai’s Sweet Moments in the Web Drama Choco Bank

Choco Bank tells a story about a man named Kim Eun-haeng (Kim Jong-in), a college graduate entering the workforce. His father made sure he had a lucky start in life by giving him a name that means “bank” in Korean. He will deal with the concerns with which many in their 20s struggle when they start working for the first time. He was unemployed for five years. He later meets a girl named Ha Cho-co (Park Eun-bin) who is preparing to start a business. The story plays out as the two find out more about the financial service industry.

The drama was bound to be a smash hit, especially thanks to the stellar acting of both Park Eun Bin and Kai! According to cons tv, a site that allows viewers to stream web dramas, Choco Bank has recorded over 2.5 million–2,519,849 to be exact–views for the week of February 15th to February 21st. It’s nothing short of amazing that the drama has recorded such record-breaking views when it’s been just a little over a week since it started airing.

Fans were also excited about the kiss scene between the two leads. On Thursday (4/2/2016), pieces of the kiss scene images between the singer of “Call Me Baby” with actress Park Eun Bin hit the internet. EXO-L were quite excited, but there were many fans that felt broken-hearted because of this picture.

In the photo, Kai and Park Eun Bin are seen in a cafe which is the main location of the 10-minute web-drama. Both of their eyes seemed to be closed, Kai’s hands were holding Eun Bin’s shoulders and their faces were very close.

Even though there are some sweet moments, EXO’s Kai is still somewhat disappointed with his role. It is because his role as the main character in Choco Bank does not have many intimate scenes with Park Eun-bin. He wants more intimate scenes with the actress opposite him.

Kai said that the character he played with made him unable to have many intimate scenes. Although disappointed, Kai still continues to work hard at his role so that the fans will be satisfied.

“My character is quiet and stiff. So he does not have many intimate scenes,” Kai said as quoted by Allkpop.


Off-screen Moments

Choco Bank held a press conference attended by the two main actors, Kai and Park Eun-bin, on Thursday (4/2/16). They were enthusiastic about telling their impressions during the shoot, including intimate scenes.

Kai himself said that his role as Eun Haeng was actually very stiff. “My character is very quiet and stiff. He doesn’t have many romantic scenes,” he said, confirmed by Park Eun-bin.

On that occasion, Park Eun-bin also praised her co-star, “Kai will make the hearts of the girls melt every time the skinship (touching) scene appears. So it would be better if fans position themselves as Choco when watching this later.”

“Our drama is more focused on the theme of maturity than the romance. But I think there is still a little love,” she went on.

Not only praising each other in the press conference, the close relationship between Kai and Park Eun-bin also can be seen through behind-the-scenes of the drama. As seen below, they both look very happy and comfortable talking to each other in the BTS video of Choco Bank.


Their Latest Project

In an exclusive report, it has been revealed that EXO’s Kai will be joining SM Entertainment’s huge project which is creating a brand new “ultimate boy group” with some of their most popular male idols spanning multiple generations of K-Pop.

With the goal of debuting later in 2019, other group’s members would include SHINee’s Taemin, EXO’s Baekhyun, NCT’s Taeyong and Mark, and WayV’s Lucas and Ten.

While each member’s top priorities will still be promoting with their original group, this “ultimate boy group” would be along the same lines of an idol expanding their activities to solo promotions or acting.

Currently, each member is preparing for their new debuts, such as the filming of their teasers and other preparations. It is expected that the concept and direction of the group will be revealed soon.

The chances are high that the “ultimate boy group” is not just a one-off project too. Even after their debut, the group could have additional comebacks or promotions together, leading to even more buzz about SM Entertainment’s “new” boy group.

Meanwhile, Park Eun-bin is currently in talks to star in tvN’s upcoming drama Man Who Bakes Bread (literal title).

Man Who Bakes Bread is a romance drama based on a Naver webtoon, which tells the story of a cat who can transform into a human and the cat’s owner. Previously, it was reported that BTOB’s Yook Sungjae is in talks to take on the role of Hong Jo, the cat that sometimes becomes a man.

On February 21st, reports stated that Park Eun Bin and Seo Ji Hoon are also in talks for the drama. In response, Namoo Actors said, “Man Who Bakes Bread is one of the dramas that Park Eun Bin was offered. She is currently reviewing the offer.”

Seo Ji Hoon’s agency similarly responded, “It has not been confirmed that Seo Ji Hoon will appear in Man Who Bakes Bread. It is one of the dramas he has been offered.”

Man Who Bakes Bread is written by Joo Hwa Mi of Marriage, Not Dating and Introverted Boss and directed by Lee Jong Jae of 100 Days My Prince. The drama is set to premiere in the first half of 2019 via tvN.


What do you guys think about their chemistry? If you guys are still curious, let’s check out this web drama and please, don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section below!