Full Profile and Movie List of Korean Actor Park Chul-min

park chul min

Korean Actor Park Chul-min

Park Chul-min, also known as Park Cheol-min, is a South Korean actor who debuted in 1988. He joined a professional theater troupe after graduating from his high school, Chosun University High School. After several years, he appeared in some movies and dramas such as Mokpo, Brothers in Heaven, Four Men, School 2017, and many more. He became a successful actor and has starred in so many dramas, TV shows, and movies.

Full Profile of Park Chul-min

park chul min
  • Name: Park Chul-min
  • Also Known As: Park Cheol-min
  • Hangul: 박철민
  • Birthdate: May 28, 1967
  • Birthplace: Gwangju, South Korea
  • Star Sign: Gemini
  • Profession: Actor
  • Years Debut: 1988
  • Education: Business Administration, Chung Ang University

Park Chul-min’s Filmography

park chul min

Park Chul-min’s Movies

Year Title Role
2019 My Special Brother
2018 Rose of Betrayal Supporting role
2018 Brothers in Heaven Kang Gu
2017 The Age of Blood Hwang Jin Ki
2017 The Preparation Section Chief Park
2017 I Can Speak Manager Yang
2017 Yongsoon Chief of School Adminstration
2017 The Villainess Soo Hee’s Father
2017 New Trial Detective Hwang
2016 Curtain Call Chul Goo
2016 Split Park Yoon Bae (cameo)
2016 A Break Alone
2016 Operation Chromite Nam Ki Sung
2016 Hiya Choi Dong Pal
2015 The Magician Ki Tak
2015 Bad Guys Always Die Priest
2015 The Unfair Kim Joon Bae (judge)
2015 Perfect Proposal Yacht Captain Park
2015 Clown of a Salesman Chul Joong
2014 The Pirates Monk (Bandit)
2014 Monster Boss Park (cameo)
2014 Another Family Han Sang Gu
2013 Steal My Heart fence
2013 11:00 AM Young Sik
2013 No Breathing Jae Suk
2013 The Hero Young Tak
2013 Montage Section Chief Koo
2013 Weird Business segment “The Witch”
2012 The Tower Chef
2012 In Between Song Jang Soo
2012 Love Clinique Director Mok
2012 Almost Che Hwang Bi Hong
2012 The Concubine medicine eunuch
2012 As One Coach Lee
2011 Spellbound Pil Dong
2011 Pitch High Chae Moon
2011 Always Coach Bang
2011 Sector 7 Do Sang Gu
2011 Leafie, a Hen into the Wild Dal Soo (voice)
2011 The Suicide Forecast Dept. Head Oh
2011 Meet the In Laws Dae Sik
2010 Cyrano Agency Chul Bin
2009 Kiss Me, Kill Me Lee Man Soo
2009 The Clue Crazy
2009 Kwang Tae’s Basic Story

(short film)

2009 My Father Homeroom teacher
2008 My New Partner Jang Byung Sam
2007 Scout Seo Gon Tae
2007 May 18 In Bong
2007 Master KIM Second child
2006 Mr. Lee vs Mr. Lee Son in law
2006 Hot for Teacher Ahn Do Min
2006 The Customer Is Always Right Supermarket owner
2006 Traces of Love Detective Park
2006 The Fox Family Detective
2005 See You After School Homeroom teacher
2005 Blood Rain Jo Dal Ryung
2005 When Romance Meets Destiny Bartender
2005 Mr. Socrates Baek Chang Gyu
2004 Rikidozan
2004 Mokpo the Harbor Gi Oh Ri
2004 Father and Son: The Story of Mencius
2004 Love so Divine Inkeeper
2003 The Road Taken
2001 Kiss Me Much
2001 Kick the Moon
2001 Bungee Jumping of Their Own
P.E. teacher
2000 Just Do It!
2000 Masterpiece of Love Jin Won
1999 The Uprising Baek Hak Tan
1998 First Kiss Company associate 1
1997 The Contact
Lee Soo Hyun’s crush
1996 A Petal [Us]
1996 The Adventures of Mrs Park


Park Chul-min’s Drama Series

Year Title Role Network
2018 Four Men Oh Hyung Moo TV Chosun
2018 Secret and Lies Yoon Chang Soo MBC
2017 Revolutionary Love CEO (cameo) tvN
2017 School 2017 Park Myung Deok KBS2
2017 The Emperor: Owner of the Mask Woo Bo (Lee Sun’s teacher) MBC
2017 The [email protected]
Shim Min Chul SBS Plus
2016 Love in the Moonlight Kim Ui Gyo KBS2
2016 Secret Healer Merchant JTBC
2016 Come Back Mister Ma Sang Sik SBS
2016 Imaginary Cat Team Leader Ma MBC every1
2015 Bubble Gum Kim Joon Hyuk tvN
2015 More Than a Maid Heo Eung Cham JTBC
2014 Hotel King Jang Ho Il MBC
2014 Inspiring Generation Old Man Fly KBS2
2013 Gu Am Heo Joon Koo Il Seo MBC
2012 Foolish Mom Kim Dae Young SBS
2011 Warrior Baek Dong Soo In SBS
2011 Babyfaced Beauty Sun Nam KBS2
2011 Athena: Goddess of War Handcuffed Man KBS2
2010 Becoming a Billionaire Hotel Captain KBS2
2010 The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry
Psychic MBC
2009 Temptation of an Angel
Kyung Chal SBS
2009 Heading to the Ground Hong Sang Man MBC
2009 The Partner Byeon Hang Ro KBS2
2009 The Return of Iljimae Wang Hoeng Bo MBC
2008 Beethoven Virus Bae Yong Gi MBC
2008 New Heart Bae Dae Ro MBC
2007 Conspiracy in the Court Public officer KBS2
2006 Wolf
Director Choi MBC
2005 Princess LuLu Chauffeur Moon SBS
2005 Spring Days Lee Jin Tae SBS
2004 Immortal Admiral Yi Sun Shin KBS
2004 Say You Love Me MBC


Park Chul-min’s Drama Specials

Year Title Role Network
2016 Drama Special: Disqualified Laughter Joo Baek Tong KBS2
2016 Drama Special: Explicit Innocence Homeroom Teacher (cameo) KBS2
2014 Drama Special: Repulsive Love Team Leader Kim KBS2
2014 Drama Special: You’re Pretty, Oh Manbok Oh Dal Seong KBS2