What’s the Secret of Park Bo-young’s Weight Loss? Let’s Find Out About Her Diet Tips!

Park Bo Young

Park Bo-young’s Weight Loss

Park Bo-young returns to greet fans with live shows on the V App. On this occasion, Bo-young looks confident despite appearing with thin makeup.

Still beautiful, even with thin makeup, Bo-young also talks about many things on this show. Not only about her career as an actress, but Bo-young also opened up about her image and appearance.

Appearing cheerful, Bo-young commented on the desperate artists on a strict diet in order to look beautiful. “To be honest, the standard of beauty in Korea is very outrageous,” said Bo-young.

“People even put pressure on non-celebrities to be super skinny and the standard is getting worse,” she added. Even according to Bo-young, her younger sister has also complained about her appearance, thinking that she looks fat.

“My sister is actually fine, but she calls herself fat, which makes me very sad,” she concluded. “As long as you are all healthy, I don’t think weight is a problem.”

Park Bo Young with long hair

Actress Park Bo-young is known for having a small body. However, to get her body shape, at this time she had to go through a period of diet first.

In an episode of the TVN show The List 2017, a list of several stars who successfully ran a diet program was released, and Park Bo-young’s name appeared at number eight on the list. Park Bo-young’s appearance now looks thinner than when she was acting in the movie Speed Scandal.

Park Bo Young on her drama

Park Bo-young, who is 158 cm tall and weighs 41 kg, states that if she feels hungry, she controls her appetite by setting a photo when she was the fattest as the background of her cell phone, so she always remembers those times. In addition, she also does a lot of core exercises to balance and maintain her body shape.

In addition, Park Bo-young’s popularity is currently rising thanks to her role as the strong girl Do Bong-soon in the JTBC drama Strong Woman Do Bong-soon.