All About Soloist Park Bo-ram: Profile, Superstar K, Duet with Zico, and More

Everything You Need to Know More About The Most Beautiful South Korean Singer “Park Bo-ram”

Park Bo-ram was born on March 1, 1994, in Chuncheon, Gangwon, South Korea, and is a South Korean singer. She took a part in Mnet’s SuperStar K2, finishing in eighth place. Park made her debut with the release of the digital single “Beautiful”, featuring Zico, on August 7, 2014. That year, she won Artist of the Year for August at the Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards and was nominated for Best New Artist at the Mnet Asian Music Awards, Golden Disk Awards, and Melon Music Awards.

In this article, Channel-Korea will introduce you to the beautiful South Korean singer Park Bo-ram. We’ll give you her profile and facts, pre-debut story, scandal, love story, and much more. So, stay tuned!

Park Bo-ram’s Full Profile and Facts

Full Profile

Omah Kpop

Stage Name: Park Boram (박보람)
Birth Name: Park Boram (박보람)
Birthday: March 1, 1994
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Height: 165 cm (5’5″)
Weight: 45 kg (99 lbs)
Blood Type: O
Instagram: @parkboram0813

Facts About Park Bo-ram

  • She took part in Mnet’s ‘SuperStar K2’, finishing in eighth place.
  • She was born in Chuncheon, Gangwon, South Korea.
  • In March 2014, she appeared in Hong Dae Kwang’s “Thank You My Love” music video.
  • Before her debut, she gained attention for having lost 32 kg (70 lbs) since her Superstar K2 days.
  • She has older and younger brothers.
  • Her father died in 2010, and her mother died seven years later due to an illness.
  • On December 5, 2017, it was  confirmed she was dating singer and actor Seo In-guk. They had been dating since 2015, but broke up in April of 2018.

Park Bo-ram Appeared on Superstar K2

In 2010, Park Bo-ram finished in the Top 8 on SuperStar K2. Talking about her experience in the singing competition, she stated: “I also gained the experience of performing on stage through Superstar K2. I realized that I need to feel comfortable in order to not make mistakes.”

Park Bo-ram’s Pre-debut Story


She signed and trained in Jellyfish Entertainment before moving to CJ E&M’s subsidiary, MMO Entertainment, for her debut. In 2011, Park Bo-ram recorded the song “Always” for SBS’s 49 Days soundtrack. At the end of 2011, Jellyfish Entertainment released a Christmas-themed single featuring the company’s artists, including Park Bo-ram. In March 2014, she made a surprise appearance in Hong Dae-kwang’s “Thank You My Love” music video. Before her debut, she gained attention for having lost 32 kg since her Superstar K2 days.

Scandal as ‘Iljin’


Iljin, or what can be interpreted as the highest caste in the world of bullys, is indeed one of the bad characteristics of South Korean schools. Park Bo-ram had been caught an the iljin scandal before her debut.

Seo In-guk And Park Bo-ram Confirmed To Be Dating!


Singers Seo In-guk and Park Bo-ram were discovered to have been dating for a year and a half! The two are both former contestants of the audition program “SuperStar K.” Seo In Guk appeared on the first season of the show, and Park Bo-ram appeared on the second season. According to reports, they became close despite their seven-year age gap.

On December 6, TV Report claimed that they witnessed Seo In-guk and Park Bo-ram on a date. The two singers didn’t seem to care about the public eye, but they left from different locations and met up at their own special hangout spot. They were reportedly a couple that preferred simple, casual dates.

According to reports, the two singers became best friends after Park Bo-ram’s mother passed away in October, 2017, following the passing of her father in 2010. Seo In Guk was there for her during difficult times, and Park Bo-ram was there for him, as well.

A close source of the two commented, “I can really feel Seo In-guk’s sincerity towards Park Bo-ram. Even though he’s been going through some tough times these days, he tries not to show it in front of Park Bo-ram. He picks up the phone right away whenever she calls him. I hope people will support their relationship.”

Seo In-guk’s agency confirmed that the dating news was true, saying that they do not know specific details regarding the relationship.

Seo In-guk And Park Bo-ram Break Up After 2 Years!

Seo In-guk and Park Bo-ram parted ways after two years. On May 23, industry representatives reported that the two had ended their relationship.

In response, their agencies confirmed, “Seo In-guk and Park Bo-ram naturally broke up about a month ago.”

Both former contestants of “Superstar K,” Seo In-guk and Park Bo-ram, began dating in 2016 and confirmed their relationship in December 2017.

Park Bo-ram’s Full Discography


Extended plays

  • Celepretty (2015)
  • Orange Moon (2017)


Title Year Album
“Beautiful” (예뻐졌다)
feat. Zico
2014 Celepretty
“Celepretty” (연예할래) 2015
“Sorry” (미안해요) Non album-single
“Pretty Bae” (예쁜사람)
with Lee Hyun
Non album-single
“Dynamic Love” 2016 Non album-single
“Why, You?” ( ?)
feat. Samuel Seo
2017 Orange Moon
“Will Be Fine” (애쓰지 마요) 2018 Non album-single
“Please, Stop Me” (말려줘)
feat. Lil Boi
Non album-single
“If You” (#결별)
with GB9
Non album-single
“How About U” (괜찮을까) Non album-single
As featured artist
“Ordinary Love” (보통연애)
Park Kyung feat. Park Bo-ram
2015 Notebook

Promotional Singles

Title Year Album
“Super Body” 2015 Non album-single

Soundtrack Appearances

Year Song Album
2010 “두근두근 (Palpitations)” (with Kim So-jung & Lee Bo-ram) Playful Kiss OST
“I’ll Stay” (with Kim Ji-soo) Yacha OST
2011 “Always” 49 Days OST
2015 “Falling” Hyde, Jekyll, Me OST Part 1
“일초가 한시간 (A Second like An Hour)” (with Eric Nam) Flirty Boy and Girl OST
“혜화동 (혹은 쌍문동) (Hyehwadong (Or Ssangmundong))” Reply 1988 OST Part 4
2016 “거짓말이라도 해줘요 (Please Say Something, Even Though It’s A Lie)” W OST Part 2
2017 “Isn’t She Lovely” Introverted Boss OST Part 4
“운명처럼 (Destiny)” (with Basick) Man to Man OST Part 2
“꿈만 같아 (Like a Dream)” Prison Playbook OST Part 3
2018 “Yesterday” About Time OST Part 2
2019 “Left over left hand” Touch Your Heart OST Part 6

Park Bo-ram’s Filmography


Year Network Title Notes
2015 Mnet Perseverance, Goo Hae Ra cameo with previous Superstar K contestants


Year Network Title Role Notes
2010 Mnet Superstar K2 Contestant Finished in the Top 8
2015 KBS World Hello Counselor Guest Ep. 222
2016 MBC King of Mask Singer Contestant Ep. 59–60
KBS World Hello Counselor Guest Ep. 271
JTBC Two Yoo Project Sugar Man Guest Ep. 26
2017 KBS World KBS World Idol Show K-RUSH Guest Ep. 20

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