Check Out Park Bo-gum’s Style in ‘Encounter’!

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Let’s Take a Look at Park Bo-gum’s Style Through His Appearance in ‘Encounter’!

There are a lot of people who are in love with Park Bo-gum since he amazed people with his talent, and his appearance as well. Whether It’s about his acting skill, his charming aura, or even his fashion style, he’s received a lot of attention and compliments. One of the things people have talked about the most was Park Bo-gum’s style through his role in the K-drama Encounter! Have you watched the drama? Through this article, Channel Korea will give you the details about Park Bo-gum’s style in that drama, so keep on reading!

In Encounter, Park Bo-gum was cast as Kim Jin-hyuk, an ordinary man with a cheerful personality, and who has always found out his own happiness within simple things. With his cheerful character, Park Bo-gum appeared in different styles in each of the various scenes in Encounter. We could see that Park Bo-gum could change into Kim Jin-hyuk the working man, or Kim Jin-hyuk the boyfriend material in Encounter. Are you curious about Park Bo-gum’s style through Encounter? Let’s take a look at his style in the drama, here!

Park Bo-gum’s Outfits and Style in Encounter

As previously mentioned, in Encounter, Park Bo-gum was cast as Kim Jin-hyuk who was generally a very cheerful person. The drama was about the love story between a rich woman and an ordinary man who found their love accidentally through an ‘encounter’ in Cuba. The rich and successful woman was Cha Soo-hyun (played by Song Hye-kyo), meanwhile the ordinary young man was Kim Jin-hyuk (played by Park Bo-gum).

By fate, their encounter in Cuba led them into another encounter. Cha Soo-hyun was the CEO in the company where Kim Jin-hyuk was enlisting himself as an employee. They met almost every day in the company, and they ended up developing feeling towards each other.

Since Kim Jin-hyuk’s personality was kind of cheerful, innocent, and pure, his appearance was designed to match with the character. At first, we saw Kim Jin-hyuk while he was on vacation in Cuba, wearing a simple style, just like any ordinary young man, in general. We also saw the charismatic aura of Kim Jin-hyuk within another style while he was working in a company as an employee. Well, whatever his style was, Park Bo-gum made us admire him, right?

And now, let’s move on with Park Bo-gum’s style as Kim Jin-hyuk through Encounter here!

Park Bo-gum’s Casual Style as Young Man Kim Jin-hyuk

Since Kim Jin-hyuk was known as a cheerful man, he was often seen with simple outfits and long, curly hair. Here are some of his styles:

First of all, Park Bo-gum was looking effortlessly handsome with the casual outfits! He was using the broken white sweatshirt, olive pants, and a pair of white sneakers! To completed his look, Park Bo-gum was carrying a brown cross-body bag, as well!

Next, another casual style from Park Bo-gum! He was wearing a white shirt as an outer, paired with denim jeans. He also had a pair of brown sneakers. With the sea background, Park Bo-gum brought a camera and was using a pair of earphones, as well!

Next, a backpacker style lookalike! Park Bo-gum was wearing light-blue denim jeans, a pair of brown sneakers, a plaid shirt as the inner, and a brown sweater as the outer. And also, for travelling, Park Bo-gum was carrying a huge black backpack!

Park Bo-gum’s Formal Style as Worker-Man Kim Jin-hyuk

Well, the formal style was different from the casual style of Kim Jin-hyuk. As a worker man, Kim Jin-hyuk was using a lot of formal outfits, he even changed his long, curly hair into short, straight hair. And here are some of his styles:

First, we can see Park Bo-gum with his work outfits! He was appeared in a tan blazer and brown pants, a black vest, and white shirt as the inner, and also a black patterned tie to complete his look!

Next, Park Bo-gum was using a long, dark grey coat, a white shirt for the inner, and a striped tie. He also brought a black backpack and his camera, as usual!

This time, he was looking as preppy as usual! Park Bo-gum was using a basic white shirt and black tie for his worker outfits. He was indeed effortlessly charming, right?

We can also see how adorable Park Bo-gum is with winter outfits! He was wearing a long, turquoise coat, a broken white scarf, and the brown cross-body bag. With his simple winter outfits, Park Bo-gum was looking effortlessly gorgeous!