The Daily Life of Actor Park Bo-gum as an Ordinary University Student

Popular South Korean Actor Park Bo-gum

Park Bo-gum, who was born on June 16th, 1993, is a popular South Korean actor. He’s been active since 2011 – present under Blossom Entertainment. He gained recognition for his roles in many dramas, such as Reply 1988 (2015-2016), Love in the Moonlight (2016), Encounter (2018), and many more.

Park Bo-gum is the youngest artist to be named Actor of the Year by Gallup Korea and also the first-ever actor to top the Korea Power Celebrity list by Forbes. Because of his upstanding persona, his good looks, and his great personality, fans came up with the phrase “Park Bo-gum is love” to express their affection for the actor. Other than his acting career, Park Bo-gum also maintains an active college life.

In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with a run-through of everything about Park Bo-Gum’s university life. Stay tuned!

Park Bo-gum Majoring at University

Park Bo Gum enrolled in the Department of Film and Musical at Myongji University in 2014. Despite his busy schedule, he attended school for four years and graduated without ever taking a semester off. At the ceremony, he won the achievement award for his hard work. Park Bo Gum originally wanted to attend a university that was related to jazz piano but he didn’t get in.

Myongji University is a private, Christian university founded in 1948 in South Korea. It provides higher education in the fields of engineering, sciences, and humanities. Myongji University has been a center for practical humanism over the past half-century, and is operating various and practical globalization programs while having exchange with 150 universities in 22 different countries. Taemin, Key, Jonghyun (SHINee), Kim Junsu (TVXQ, JYJ), Baek-hyun (EXO), Dong-hae (Super Junior), Yunho (TVXQ), Sandeul (B1A4), and other artists have studied here.

Park Bo-gum During Classes

The actor was known for his dedication to education. His classmates once uploaded pictures of him listening to lectures attentively in class. His classmates have said that Bo-gum comes to class dressed casually, just like any other student, and then leaves quietly with his manager when the class is over.

The actor also participated in extracurricular activities in college. He directed a one-act play based on Anton Chekov’s works, and served as music director in his graduating class’ production of the Hairspray musical and performed in the musical in July 2017.

Park Bo-gum’s Hardships To Maintain His Schedule

Despite his acting career, he maintained an active college life and represented his university’s cultural overseas exchange program in Europe. Park Bo-gum has also directed a one-act play based on Anton Chekov’s works, and served as music director in his graduating class’s production of Hairspray. He received his bachelor’s degree in February 2018.

On January 8th, Vogue Taiwan shared a preview of Park Bo Gum’s February issue, and in the interview, he picked his studies, balance, and joy as the most important things to him. Regarding his studies, the actor explained, “Studying is something you do every moment. Living life, the most important thing is to learn. I think learning is a job for actors. In the future, I’d like to learn a foreign language, and I think there are a lot of things I need to study.”

As for balance, he said, “I think every person needs a balance of work, life, and freedom that fits them and their needs. I think it’s very important to retain a balance of things in life and not let one thing take over.” In terms of joy, Park Bo Gum commented, “Thinking about it, I think everything worth something lies in this. There’s joy and happiness in learning, and there’s also joy when you keep balance in life.” He added, “The most important thing is to live a happy life.”

Park Bo-gum’s Graduation Day

On February 21st, 2018, despite his busy schedule, actor Park Bo Gum attended the graduation ceremony at Yongin Campus of Myongji University. The star also gave a speech and thanked everyone who had helped him get through college.

Park Bo Gum stood in front of the press for a brief interview in his cap and gown and holding flowers. He said, “There was a lot of learning during the past 4 years. I’m grateful to my classmates, seniors and juniors, and professors. I have no regrets. I will keep improving myself.”

Park Bo-gum also said, “Thank you for coming all the way here. I am so nervous about graduation. I learned a lot over four years, and I want to thank my schoolmates, seniors, juniors, and professors.”

When asked about his next project, he replied, “I will definitely return this year.”

Latest News

In 2016 – 2019, Park Bo-gum successfully held a fan meeting tour around Asia. Park Bo-gum embarked his first Asia-wide fan meeting tour in the tail-end of 2016, visiting eight cities and meeting more than 30,000 fans in the continent’s East and Southeast regions until March.

After a two-year hiatus, he returned to the small screen with the romantic-melodrama Encounter (2018) alongside Song Hye-kyo. Park Bo-gum’s role is a freewheeling, ordinary young man who finds joy in the simplest things.

In 2019, Park was cast in the science fiction thriller film Seo Bok for the title role. The same year, Park released his first Japanese single “Bloomin’.”

“Bloomin'” was released on March 20th, 2019. “Bloomin'” is Park Bo-gum’s Japanese debut single. The single will include the title track as well as the song “Shining Future.” Park Bo-gum once said that one of his dreams is to release an album. The song “Bloomin’” includes a message about wanting to grow flowers and bloom together as one despite being far away. It’s said that Park Bo Gum has dreamed of being able to sing a song with a message for his fans all over the world.

Park Bo Gum said, “I’m happy that I’m able to greet my Japanese fans through a single album. I want to send a warm message and love to you all through my song. I’ll try to show you a new side of myself. Please support me.”