Does Park Bo-gum Have a Girlfriend? Find Out More About His Dating Rumors and Ideal Type!

With Girls Generation’s Yoona

The most recent dating rumor involving Park Bo-gum was with Im Yoon-ah or, as she’s best known, as Yoona Girls Generation. The rumor has been spread since people think they looked very good together when they both took parts in Hyori’s Bed & Breakfast. Many have started to notice their chemistry as well. Will the Love in the Moonlight actor and Girls’ Generation singer take their friendship to the next level?

In one of the episodes of Hyori’s Bed & Breakfast, Hyori was not feeling well, so Yoona, who had been in the series longer than Park Bo-gum, was put in charge. The 28-year-old South Korean singer and actress was helping the guests, while Song Joong Ki’s pal was busy with his own chores, like throwing out the trash, mopping the floors, and even cleaning out the litter box for the cat.

Despite already working really hard, Park Bo-gum still tried to do more to make things easier for Yoona. But since his shift was already done, the Girls’ Generation singer told him to go home and get some rest.

You must be so tired for coming today,” Yoona told Park Bo-gum. “Hurry up and go home.”

Not wanting to leave Yoona working alone, Park Bo-gum decided to stick around a little longer. The 25-year-old South Korean actor didn’t listen to The King In Love actress’s instructions and kept cleaning. However, Yoona told him once again to go home.

“Even on my first day, I was able to leave early,” Yoona explained to Park Bo-gum. “Hurry up and go!”

Despite already making herself clear, Park Bo-gum still ignored Yoona’s request and continued cleaning on the second floor. Not surprisingly, the Girls’ Generation star caught the actor and yelled at him to go home one more time, which he finally did after taking a group selfie with the guests.

Many believe that Park Bo-gum may be a little smitten by Yoona and may be enjoying his time being around her to the point that he would rather spend his time working with her than going home to rest. Earlier reports even pointed out that the actor only smiled when the singer was around. As to the speculations about Park Bo-gum and Yoona dating, the pair is just good friends for now.

And now.. Who do you think would be well suited for Park Bo-gum?

Park Bo-gum’s Ideal Type

As an actor, his love life and dating habits never leave the fans’ sight. There are speculations about his ideal type and what draws him to a woman. In one interview, Park Bo-gum stated that he wants a woman who feels comfortable as a friend and also acts like a mother.

He might want a woman who can give him comfort and attention, and in return, he will give his undivided attention. Since he’s still young and focusing on his career, he hasn’t really thought much about marriage yet. Or, maybe he just keeps his thoughts about marriage to himself.

During an interview on October 28, 2017, Park Bo-gum did talk about dating. He even revealed how he looked at dating issues and his personality with regard to relationships, especially with Kim Yoo-jung, his co-star in the drama Moonlight Drawn by Clouds. 

“I’m the type to fall in love at first sight,” he said, also revealing that he did not have a specific ideal type.  “I’m a manly man when I’m dating.  I was like Lee Young in that I would assertively express that I like someone to that person.”

He also talked about his melodrama acting with Kim Yoo-jung: “There are a lot of scenes that made my heart flutter, so I enjoyed reading the script.  Through this drama, I came to realize how enjoyable it is to look at only one woman.”

As fans, we only hope he will meet his right one on the right time.