Does Park Bo-gum Have a Girlfriend? Find Out More About His Dating Rumors and Ideal Type!

Everything about Park Bo-gum’s girlfriend, wife, and dating rumor

A sweet smile, a handsome face, and outstanding skills as a great actor and MC have made Park Bo-gum’s name popular. The actor of Record of Youth and Encounter has received numerous awards for his work.

Besides his outstanding career in the entertainment industry, his love life is also something people want to know about. Fans are curious and eager to know who Park Bo-gum might be currently dating.

Are you curious to determine whether Park Bo-gum has a girlfriend and find out more about his love life? Is he is in a relationship now? What is his ideal type? You can find out all about his relationships in this article. Stay tuned on Channel-Korea, and don’t miss out on our articles!

Park Bo-gum’s dating rumors and relationship

Park Bo-gum's dating rumors and relationship

Park Bo Gum’s handsome and charismatic aura cannot be avoided. A tall posture and cute facial features are an attraction that most women find difficult to resist. Park Bo Gum’s love story has caught the attention of fans and his track record in acting and singing. Fans often wonder who Park Bo Gum’s girlfriend is the time.

Park Bo Gum himself has never revealed any information about his love life, including his girlfriend. However, he is often reported as being involved in love relationships with his co-workers.

Park Bo-gum with Jang Na-ra

Park Bo-gum and Jang Na-ra both starred in the KBS drama I Remembered You in 2015. Rumors started spreading early in 2016 and only heightened when Park Bo-gum wore a ring to a fan signing for Reply 1988. Back then, Park Bo-gum revealed in an interview, “It was surprised to see the dating rumors with Na-ra,” and shared that they were good friends.

He also addressed the rumors he was dating Jang Na-ra in an interview session in February 2016.

Park Bo-gum stated, “I noticed that dating rumors with Jang Nara were spreading. It made it look like I was dating her. I felt awkward having to call her after that. I was surprised since it’s such a nonsensical rumor.”

He continued, “It felt new since this is my first scandal, but I also felt sorry towards Na-ra noona. Perhaps it started when we filmed I Remember You together.”

When asked how he feels about having to deal with these rumors, he answered, “It’s an inevitable thing since I am a public figure. I’m actually trying to be thankful for the attention. I will be more careful and cautious in the future.”

A year later, the dating rumor grew up into a marriage rumor about Park Bo-gum and Jang Na-ra, since the actors were spotted together on Cheongdam Wedding Street. Fans speculated that they are preparing for a wedding. On June 23rd, 2017, Park Bo-gum and Jang Nara’s agencies responded, “It does not make any sense. We don’t know why these kinds of rumors are being spread without even evidence,” and emphasized, “The reports are false.”

Park Bo-gum with Kim Yoo-jung

Park Bo-gum was also rumored to have a close relationship with actress and model Kim Yoo-jung. The two starred in the drama Moonlight Drawn by Clouds (2016).

Ever since the drama aired, speculations that the two were dating spread on the Internet. It’s been reported that Park Bo-gum was always “very nice” to Kim Yoo-jung, and the close interaction between them was misinterpreted as a romantic connection.

Kim, however, stated that she thinks of him as a sibling. They’ve overcome the hectic filming of their drama together and remained just very close friends.

What do you think? Do you ship them?

Park Bo-gum with Irene from Red Velvet

Another Park Bo Gum dating rumor involves the pretty Red Velvet member Irene.

The two seemed very close when they hosted the popular music show Music Bank from 2015 to 2016, and people always thought they acted like a couple.

But these are just rumors, after all. According to an interview, he is ready to fall in love and is looking for a girlfriend. After all, there was never an official statement or any hint of a romantic relationship shown from the couple. But fans compiled their reactions and kept believing they were dating back then. Well, maybe it’s only them who know the real truth, whether it was only a scene or if there was actual romance involved.

Irene and Park Bo-gum shippers loved Irene’s cute reaction to Park Bo-gum’s VCR at the 2015 MAMA…

Don’t forget her cute reaction when Park Bo-gum called her by her full name.

When Irene was asked about her thoughts on Radio Stars’ dating rumors, she was surprised and said that she didn’t know anything about them.

“He is very well-mannered,” she said. “When there were stairs, he would take my hand and help me down.”

Here are some selfies that Park Bo-gum and Irene took. Aren’t they cute together?