Here Are Interesting Facts You Should Know About Park Bo-gum!


The Handsome Actor Park Bo-gum

Park Bo-gum is a sweet and innocent looking guy who attracts so many women’s attention. His charming smiles and eyes could make so many women’s’ heart flutter. It is not a big surprise if any Korean woman chooses Bo-gum as their ideal type.

This article will talk about his interesting facts that would make your heart flutter and love him even more. Make sure you read until the last page carefully!

Park Bo-gum Was Almost Never Born Into This World

Park Bo-gum is the youngest of three siblings. Park Bo-gum’s dad shared a story that he and Bo-gum’s mom almost aborted Park Bo-gum when she was pregnant. It is because Park Bo-gum’s mom was pregnant at her late age and both Park Bo-gum’s mom and dad did not know that she was pregnant. At that time, Park Bo-gum’s mom suffered an illness which required her to consume several types of medicine.

They were worried about giving birth to a deformed child due to the medication, so they were thinking about aborting the baby. But God has another plan – Park Bo-gum’s parents changed their mind and ended up giving birth to a healthy boy. Maybe that one of the reasons why Park Bo-gum’s parents name him “Bogum” which means “precious sword”. Unfortunately, Park Bo-gum’s mom passed away when he was in fourth grade.

He Will Play a Role as a Main Character in His Latest Drama

Park Bo-gum is counted as a newcomer actor as he first made his acting debut in 2011 by the movie Blind where he played a role as Min Dong-hyun. He caught many people’s attention by playing a lead character as Jung Sun-ho in the drama Hello Monster. We can say that Hello Monster was a breakthrough from Park Bo-gum as he got some awards for his role as a psychopath.

In his latest drama Encounter (its literal English translation is Boyfriend) Park Bo-gum plays a lead character named Kim Jin-Hyeok. Kim Jin-Hyeok is an ordinary young man. He tries to find a regular job and works part-time jobs in the meantime. However, he keeps failing to get a regular job at companies where he wants to work. He decides to travel overseas and there, he meets Cha Soo-Hyun. The drama will be released on November 28th, 2018 on tvN.