Here Are Interesting Facts You Should Know About Park Bo-gum!

Park Bo-gum is a Humble and Generous Person

park bo gum

The Korean media dubbed Park Bo-gum as “National Man of Good Influence” due to his kindness and politeness. There are some reports of his respectable behavior and good manners wherever he goes.

He is also very humble to his fans and is often brought to tears during fan meetings. He really knows how to treat his fans and often do cute and romantic gestures to his fans, like hugging and even carrying his fans. In conclusion, Park Bo-gum is very appreciative and thankful to his fans.

park-bo-gum in a train

Park Bo Gum is more down to earth than he looks. Maybe some of you now already know that he likes taking subways because it is always punctual. Some pictures of him on a train also have surfaced online, and an employee from his agency also said how the Reply 1998 actor refused his offer to call him a cab and chose the nearest subway instead. If you want to see a glimpse of his handsome face, maybe you should try to take the subway or train in Korea.

Park Bo-gum Has a Bromance with BTS’ V

park bo gum and v

Park Bo-gum is known to have a bromance with BTS’s V. No one can deny about their closeness. Park Bo-gum even came to a BTS concert as an excited fanboy. They even had a trip together to Jeju Island and took many pictures and videos together. Fans dubbed them as TaeGum as they have a very cute friendship.

Park Bo-gum once lied to V and told that BTS did not get the award and V were believed it. When Park Bo-gum’s finally announced that BTS won, V laughed and pushed him away. They are really cute!

Park Bo-gum and BTS’ V also have a fantastic chemistry when they are both MC-ing together in Music Bank. It seems like they are both a perfect match together!