Get To Know P1Harmony’s Soul: Profile, Pre-debut, Debut, Career, Instagram, and More

p1harmony soul profile

From Japan to South Korea: Becoming a Cool K-Pop Idol!

The maknae of P1Harmony, Soul is Japanese, with his real name being Haku Shota. He was appointed as the rapper of boy group P1Harmony under FNC Entertainment. His parents are actually mixed; his mother is Korean, and his father is Japanese.

Now, let’s learn more about Soul’s profile in this Channel-Korea article below! Stay curious!

P1Harmony’s Soul’s Profile

p1harmony soul profile

Stage Name: Soul (소울)
Birth Name: Haku Shota (白翔太)
Position: Rapper, Dancer
Birthday: February 1st, 2005
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Height: 174 cm
Nationality: Japanese

P1Harmony’s Soul’s Fun Facts

p1harmony soul profile

1. Soul was born in Japan.

2. He loves to collect Jordan shoes and play games.

3. He was announced as the fifth member of P1Harmony.

4. Soul has the ability to dance and do hip-hop.

5. Soul likes to be alone, he is a quiet person, but when he feels comfortable he can talk a lot.

6. Soul wants to be a singer and perform while looking at people’s faces.

7. He admires TEEN TOP and B.A.P.

8. His audition song was “Yanghwa Bridge” by Zion. T

9. His life motto is: “I don’t regret making my own decisions.”

10. His real name is Shota, which means “a child with a pure soul.”

11. His favorite musicians are Big Bang’s Taeyang and 6lack.

12. His favorite feature on his face is his nose.

13. Soul’s favorite song is “Floods” by Lucky Daye.

14. His favorite fashion items are watches, jeans, rings, and Jordan shoes.

15. Soul’s favorite foods are kimchi stew, sushi, and McDonald’s.

16. He has a talent for making choreography.

17. Soul’s MBTI is INTP, which is Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Perceiving.

18. He can speak both Japanese and Korean.

19. He normally wears eyeglasses.

20. His favorite late-night snack are potatoes.

P1Harmony’s Soul’s Pre-Debut

p1harmony soul profile

Soul debuted when he was 15 years old in 2020. He was dreaming of becoming a singer and entertaining people on the stage. Both his parents also supported him, his mother introduced him to TEEN TOP and his father showed him B.A.P. He fell in love with these groups’ music and wanted to become like them.

P1Harmony’s Soul’s Debut Story

p1harmony debut

Soul got into the audition with “Yanghwa Bridge” by Zion. T and he was selected as a trainee under FNC Entertainment. Later, he was introduced as the fifth member of the group P1Harmony.

This debut revelation also marked him as the youngest member of P1Harmony. They debuted on October 28th, 2020, with the title song “SIREN”.

P1Harmony’s Soul’s Career Highlights

p1harmony soul profile

Soul started his career with P1Harmony. He is the youngest member of the group who was 15 years old on debut. He loves being a singer and does stage acts for fans or people to see them.

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To be successful, Soul also took some language classes on the way to school during peak hours to learn about Korea. He is a hard-working person! He was revealed as the fifth person to be a member of boy group P1Harmony on September 4th, 2020.

P1Harmony’s Soul’s Instagram

p1harmony soul profile

Soul seems to really embody his name: he is so charismatic and has a soulful face. What do you think?

p1harmony soul official

His Instagram only appeared on the Instagram official P1Harmony. Check his activities with P1Harmony there!

P1Harmony Released the Mini-Album DISHARMONY: BREAK OUT

p1harmony soul profile

Soul and his group P1Harmony released their new album titled Disharmony: Break Out. This mini-album came out on April 20th, 2021, with the title track “Scared”. Soul’s rapping part is really cool!

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