Profile of Orange Marmalade’s Actor Kang Han-byeol

List of Kang Han-byeol’s Movie Appearances

Kang Han-byeol

Even though Kang Han-byeol already made his debut 10 years ago, he has only made one appearance in a movie. It was in 2007, he appeared in a movie called Bunt.

Year Title Role
2007 Bunt


List of Kang Han-byeol’s Variety Show Appearances

Kang Han-byeol

As a child actor, Han-byeol hasn’t gotten many chance to work on variety show. But, he has appeared on one variety show. He was on a variety show called  It’s a Gag that was airing on MBC in 2009. He got a role as Lee Moon-won’s nephew in sketch: “Lovers of 7 Years”.

Year Title Role Notes Network
2009 It’s a Gag Lee Moon-won’s nephew sketch: “Lovers of 7 Years” MBC


List of Kang Han-byeol’s Music Video Appearances

Kang Han-byeol

Before Kang Han-byeol debuted in a drama, he was a model in SG Wannabe’s A Christmas Story MV. At that time, he was 5 years old.

Year Song Title Artist
2007 “A Christmas Story” SG Wannabe


Kang Han-byeol’s Latest News

Kang Han-byeol

As we can see from the list of Kang Han-byeol’s appearances in dramas, his latest drama was in 2015. After that, he hasn’t appeared in any more dramas. But, we can see his daily life on his twitter @kanghanbyeol02, he has grow up as a teenager now. Let’s hope that he will appear in a drama soon!