Orange Caramel Members’ Plastic Surgery: Before and After Comparison

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Orange Caramel’s Plastic Surgery News

Orange Caramel is a sub-group of After School formed on June 16th 2010 under Pledis Entertainment, with three members, Nana, Lizzy, and Raina. The name given to their fans by Orange Caramel is ‘Candies’, with the main colors being pink and yellow. They debuted with their first single, titled Magic Girl.

Orange Caramel has a unique concept on stage when promoting their songs. They often use food-related costumes, they even also wear food-shaped accessories such as pizza, orange, candies, ramen, chocolate and others. Netizens give compliments to Orange Caramel for being able to perform differently from others and with unique concepts. There are also many netizens who talk about the physical appearance of Nana, Raina, and Lizzy. Do they get plastic surgery? Let’s check it out!

Orange Caramel’s Nana – Plastic Surgery

Im Jin-ah, commonly called Nana, does have a particularly perfect visual compared to the other members of After School. She not only has a beautiful and charming face, Nana also has a very perfect body shape. Netizens feel that if Nana does not debut with After School, she will become a famous model.

Because Nana has a very pretty and charming face, many netizens assume that Nana has had plastic surgery. There are many differences in Nana’s face from year to year in After School, for example the shape of her eyes, nose, and lips. Some netizens believe that Nana had plastic surgery and others believe it was part of puberty.

Now, let’s see the different faces of Nana before and after plastic surgery!

Nana’s Nose Surgery


Nana is a licensed makeup artist and also has a membership of the Makeup Artist Association. With her extensive knowledge of makeup, Nana must be very reliable with makeup, for example making her eyes look bigger or making her nose look sharper.

However, netizens compared Nana’s photo before and after her debut with After School, and it can be said that Nana’s nose shape is very different from before. The possible explanation for Nana’s nose changes is Rhinoplasty or nose surgery.

Her nose was clearly short with a large end in the previous picture, but the picture afterwards shows her with a slim and narrow nose.


Nana’s Jaw Surgery


If we see and compare with the previous photo, we will realize that she has more of a ‘V’ face shape. That is why it is thought to be the result of jaw surgery. Celebrities said they receive jaw surgery to make it look perfect.

In the first look, it seems that it may be due to some weight loss. However, her jaw is wide in front in the before image. Now, her jaw is smaller than before. This means that she may have had the help of plastic surgery to reshape her jaw.

Nana has said that she used to be jealous of people with smooth, narrow jaws. Although she added “I found a square jaw attractive”, so we are not sure if he has shaved her jaw.

Netizens who found the latest photo commented, “She changed a lot after becoming a celebrity”. It was hard to imagine Nana in her latest photo, because it was a bit dark at the time. From the above observations, there is the possibility of some plastic surgery.


Nana’s Double Eyelid Surgery


According to Korean celebrities, having double eyelids is a separate gift from god. However, many Korean celebrities are born without having double eyelids, and the only way is to get plastic surgery to make their eyes more open. From the pictures before and after, eyelid surgery is obvious. Nana has a more beautiful eye shape.

It is also quite clear that she has had double eyelid surgery when comparing old photos with the latest ones. Her eyes are bigger than usual. However, in Korea double eyelid surgery is still considered the same as wearing makeup; it is not a big deal at all. It is still the most common plastic surgery procedure in Korea.

Allegedly Nana chose eyelid surgery, like many other Korean celebrities. Nana has smaller eyes before, which look bigger and fresher these days. It’s easy to see the surgeon’s work in her eyes, which makes them look wider. Nana has chosen two-eyelid surgery or corner cutting, or even both.


Orange Caramel’s Lizzy – Plastic Surgery


During the shoot for the premiere of Please Take Care of My Vanity 2, Lee-teuk of Super Junior spotted Lizzy and could barely recognize her. He asked her, “So what else do you do for work?”

She confesses that she has had work done by a cosmetic surgeon and reveals that it is in her eyes. Lizzy also talks about rumors that she has undergone a full face reconstruction, explaining that this is not true.

She used to have narrow eyes (like ordinary Koreans) but she did a small operation to make them look bigger than before. Lizzy has not had surgery performed on her nose, it looks the same as before.

Lizzy’s recognition of her plastic surgery was shocking. Not all Korean celebrities want to do the same; they choose to hide it. What do you think about it?



Orange Caramel’s Raina – Plastic Surgery


Judging from her pre-debut photo and her latest photo, Raina’s features appear to be the same. Her pre-debut photo is recognizable, but what seems to have changed her appearance is her unique turmeric cheek loss. However, this can also happen because she lost a lot of weight. Some people say her nose looks strange.

In the past, Raina had small eyes – tame, petite, almost open – but after her success with After School Raina had a slightly larger eye shape.┬áRaina lifted the bridge of her nose and had it narrowed. She also has a reduction in the wings of her nose, as shown by the prominent creases at the alar where extensive shots have been given.