Let’s Get to Know The Gorgeous Orange Caramel’s Nana

Orange Caramel’s Nana in Roommate


After joining as a regular cast member for both seasons of Roommate, there is a lot of trivia about Nana’s appearance on the show that avid viewers may remember. Before her moving day to the Roommate house, the crew visited her dorm and met Orange Caramel members Lizzy and Raina. They revealed a shocking fact about Nana’s life in the dorm.


Lizzy complained that Nana’s room is very messy, stating “Her pieces of stuff scattered in every nook of the room. They would stay there for a week.” Raina added that Nana usually sleeps naked, stating “She does not wear them [clothes] when she sleeps and often forgets to flush out the toilet after she used it. I think the rating [of Roommate] will be increased after this broadcast is aired.”


In the second season of Roommate, Nana was reportedly flustered during the episode broadcast on October 26, 2014. In one scene, Lee Gook-joo brought her school photos which showed a lack of her changing throughout the years. Nana commented, “That’s amazing. How could you not have changed at all?” to which Lee Gook-joo replied jokingly, “What would girls who [got plastic surgery] know? I did not fix anything, so I remained the same.” The statement notably made Nana silent for a while whereas Youngji laughed loudly as if hiding her surprise as well.

Orange Caramel’s Nana’s Diet Tips


Being a female celebrity means that you have to take care of yourself well to maintain your popularity. For Nana, a diet is necessary in order to keep looking attractive. During her interview with Ceci magazine in May 2014, Nana revealed that she always performs strength exercises and inner therapy, stating “I make sure that I am careful about what I eat. I take DHC Garcinia after eating as it makes my body lighter. When I am busy filming for Roommate, I just do some yoga or stretch.”

In October 2015 for her interview with Cosmopolitan magazine, Nana stated that she used to work out and adjust her diet for her figure, stating “Then I realized that if I wanted a beautiful body, my health would have to come first. My aim to work out has changed to be healthy because, after all, the [beautiful] figure will follow naturally. I have been getting personal training every day without rest, even during my busiest schedule as I still would go to the gym and workout late. My trainer would sometimes be annoyed at me because of this.” Nana also said that she is a big fan of multivitamins and supplements as well as Pilates, horseback riding, and sessions of EMS (electric muscle stimulation) to keep her figure in the ideal lane.

Orange Caramel’s Nana’s Plastic Surgery Rumors


Even though she has been included in the list of prettiest women around the world many times, many people think that Nana’s beauty does not deserve to be praised because she underwent cosmetic surgery. Is this accusation true? Let’s compare the before and after plastic surgery of Orange Caramel’s Nana below!


We can see that Nana’s old nose used to be rounder than its present state whereas its tip and bridge were not as pronounced and sharp as they look now. Therefore, we can say for certain that Nana had undergone a nose job to make her nose sharper and more ideal, the exact form that we see present day.


Nana is also alleged of having double eyelid surgery as her old eyes used to be a pair of small beans, whereas, in the present, Nana’s eyes look bigger and more alive. Double eyelid surgery obviously made Nana’s eyes wider, hence the contrasting appearances of her eyes between her pre-debut and her rising days as a celebrity. Besides her eyes, Nana had a running brow lift procedure to make her eyebrows thicker than her natural eyebrows.


The last facial feature that Nana might have changed is her jawline. In the left frame, we can see that Nana originally had a square jaw which she had shaved to be the ideal V-line shape. In addition, Nana’s cheeks also lost fat, hence her face shape looking more proportional and attractive compared to her old days. Nana’s skin tone also noticeably got whiter which she may have achieved from vitamin C injections, skincare products, and constant visits to the dermatologist.