Let’s Get to Know The Gorgeous Orange Caramel’s Nana

Orange Caramel’s Nana’s Dating Rumors


As one of the beautiful female idols in South Korea, it is not a surprise that Nana must have been involved in a dating rumor with male celebrities. Back in January 2015, Women Sense magazine reported that Nana has been in a relationship with model-turned-actor Hong Jong-hyun for 7 months.


The pair met through OnStyle’s Style Log the previous year and began developing romantic feelings for each other. The magazine stated that Nana and Hong Jong-hyun decided to be lovers by the end of 2014 and were spotted on a date on Christmas at Wolmido and near Jonghyun’s house in the Gangnam district.


Nana and Hong Jong-hyun’s dating rumor was quickly denied by Nana’s home agency Pledis Entertainment who stated that it was groundless, “They are just close friends but not lovers.” Despite the refutation, an acquaintance of the two contradicted it, stating to media outlet Sports DongA that the pair is a well-known couple among their peers, stating “Their relationship rumor is already old news. It’s somewhat strange that it was only covered just recently.


Moreover, the so-called close acquaintance of Nana and Hong Jong-hyun explained how the pair’s relationship began, stating “They were going through personal issues around the same time. When the program Style Log ended, Hong Jong-hyun was the first one to show interest and Nana accepted his feelings.” Accordingly, Nana and Hong Jong-hyun would call each other openly and date around Gangnam, walking on the trails. In November 2016, Hong Jong-hyun addressed his dating rumor with Nana, explaining “We are just good friends. I contact her every once in a while. She seems to be doing fine.

Prior to her dating rumor with Hong Jong-hyun, Nana was also linked to Kim Soo-hyun. The rumor was acknowledged by Nana when she heard about it from the staff members of the shop she visited.


During Orange Caramel’s appearance on Mnet’s Beatles Code 3D, Nana clarified her dating rumor with Kim Soo-hyun, “It was a reporter who was spreading the rumor. When there is smoke, there is fire.” Nana’s fellow members Raina and Lizzy then explained that Kim Soo-hyun once picked Orange Caramel as a girl group he liked, hence the reason the rumor came out. Nana added that she also mentioned Kim Soo-hyun as her ideal type, stating “I was a fan of him even before his appearance on Dream High.

Orange Caramel’s Nana’s Scandals


In February 2011, several past photos of Nana surfaced on online forums. These photos notably depicted Nana as a bad girl and iljin (bully) during her school days as the idol was seen with a big cup of beer and a pack of cigarettes. Nana’s home agency Pledis Entertainment stated that the news is misleading as it was only a rumor.


Two years later in June 2013, Nana personally clarified her rumor as a bully during her appearance on MBC’s Radio Star, saying that she was a free-spirited person during her high school days. She explained, “I did not do anything bad. I never got my money taken away because the unnies hated me. Despite the bad experience, I never regretted playing around in high school. The past is just the past.”


After the show was broadcast, netizens refused Nana’s clarification and posted negative comments such as, “This is how all iljins act… They never admit their mistakes and don’t know how to reflect over them. They always excuse their actions saying they were immature or young,” “She just proves that you cannot change the nature of who you truly are,” and “I hate people who use the excuse ‘the past is just the past’…That phrase should only be used by people who overcome a huge obstacle and manage to grow and learn from it, not as an excuse to justify their poor actions in the past.

Well, what do you think? Do you think Nana’s so-called-scandal is huge enough to forbid her career?