Orange Caramel’s Combacks 2014-2018 (Songs and Stages)

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Orange Caramel – The Bubblegum Sub-unit

Debuting in 2010 with Magic Girl, Orange Caramel are mostly known for their unique yet addictive songs, which are very hard to nail unless you are pretty yet also brave enough to pull off the eccentric concepts. After Magic Girl, Orange Caramel proved to the public that they are not one-hit wonders as they also have other hit tracks, such as A~ing, Shanghai Romance, Bangkok City, Lipstick, and Catallena. However, are these songs marked as Orange Caramel’s only songs? Did they ever make comebacks that we did not know about so we did not realize that we missed new songs? Therefore, here at Channel-Korea, we will explain all about the comebacks of Orange Caramel from 2014 to 2018, so you will not miss any single Orange Caramel comeback in recent years. So stay tuned!

Orange Caramel’s 2014 Comeback Stage

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After starting their career in Japan the previous year with the release of their first studio album, titled after their name, Orange Caramel made a comeback in the Korean music industry with the release of their third single Catallena on 12 March 2014. The song is inspired by Bollywood’s Punjabi wedding folk songs mixed with a disco beat, similar to Orange Caramel’s past release Bangkok City – though less flashy in vibe. The song is considered to be successful as it peaked at #5 on Gaon’s album chart, #6 on Gaon’s digital chart, and #4 on Billboard’s K-pop Hot 100. Two months later on 20 May, Orange Caramel released Abing Abing, which is also the promotional song for the ice cream franchise outlet Baskin Robbins, with their new menu of bingsoo ice cream (the Korean shaved ice dessert). On 18 August 2014, Orange Caramel released another song titled My Copycat, and its sidetrack titled The Gangnam Avenue, which was released on 3 September. Not only releasing songs of their own, Orange Caramel also lend their voices to the soundtrack of SBS drama It’s Okay, That’s Love on the song Tonight. Here you can watch the stage performance of My Copycat!

Orange Caramel’s 2015 Comeback Stage

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In 2015, Orange Caramel did not have a comeback as the three members, Lizzy, Nana, and Raina, were more focused on their individual schedules. Lizzy starred in a movie entitled Love Forecast, the same movie in which actor Lee Seung-gi acted, and MBC drama Angry Mom, whose story focuses on bullying in schools, in which Lizzy became one of the students. Not only becoming an actress, Lizzy also hosted a variety show with Girl’s Day’s leader, Sojin, on O’live Tasty Road, attended brand events, and released a Trot song (which is also her debut single) titled Not An Easy Girl, which featured the comedian and host Jung Hyung-don.

Following Lizzy’s path, Nana also became an actress and starred in the Chinese romantic comedy movie titled Go Lala Go 2 and Love Weaves Through a Millennium, the remade version of Korean drama Queen In-hyun’s Man – which also played a part in increasing her profile overseas. In fact, Nana is acclaimed as the winner of The 100 Most Beautiful Faces, held by TC Candler. Not only in drama and film in China, Nana is also a variety star, as she became the fixed guest for SBS’s Roommate and Dragon TV’s Celebrity Master Chef Season 2. Lastly, Raina also followed Lizzy and released her second song titled I Don’t Know on 24 November 2015, and songs Allday Allnight which featured Jakop, WuNo, and DAYDAY, and Forgotten Season which is included on King of Masked Singer – 34th Generation album. The only appearance of Orange Caramel as a group was when they were guests on Idol Special Training, in which they had to teach girl group GFRIEND, who had just debuted at that time, to practice good facial expressions.

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Orange Caramel’s 2016 Comeback Stage


Just as in the previous year, Orange Caramel’s members were still concentrated on their individual schedules. However, we saw half of Orange Caramel’s members, Lizzy and Raina, appear on jTBC’s singing program, Sugarman, and perform a song titled You In My Imagination. As for their individual activities, the pattern is quite similar to 2015 as Raina released another song, this time with the rapper San E titled Sugar and Me, which marked their second duet, and By My Side, which is included in the album soundtrack of the drama Melody to Masterpiece. Following Raina’s path, Lizzy, who became a participant in MBC’s singing show King of Mask Singer, also released a song titled Password 486 (Going To Marry This Gapsun), and became a guest of SBS’s variety show Running Man on 27 March 2016. Lastly, Nana shined through the small screen by joining MBC’s variety show Real Men as a female soldier, and got cast in a supporting role in tvN’s drama The Good Wife, which is a remake of the American drama of the same name. In addition, Nana’s acting career is proven to be improving, as her efforts were appreciated through the ‘Best Rookie Award’ in the category of ‘Actress in Television’ at the 1st Asia Artist Awards, and consecutively won first place in The 100 Most Beautiful Faces by TC Chandler. Here you can watch Lizzy and Raina’s performance on Sugarman of the song You In My Imagination!

Orange Caramel’s 2017 Comeback Stage

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Unfortunately, we have to inform you that as of 2017, Orange Caramel are yet to make their comeback in the Korean entertainment industry, as the members are still more focused on conducting their individual activities. Only two, namely Nana and Raina, of Orange Caramel’s members’ promotional activities are known to the public, as Lizzy notably did not take any jobs that year. Raina released a new song titled Loop, which featured NU’EST member Aron and briefly talked about the comeback of Orange Caramel on the radio show Yoon Hyung Bin and Yang Se Hyung’s Two Man Show on 2 August. She stated that Orange Caramel had been planning to release something new and had even recorded a song but their agency, Pledis Entertainment, kept delaying the comeback as they (the agency) also have other artists to take care of, such as NU’EST, SEVENTEEN, and PRISTIN. In addition, a representative of the agency also told Raina that Orange Caramel’s members have gotten older so they wonder whether the bubblegum concept, which became the trademark of Orange Caramel, still suits the members or not. On the other hand, Nana continuously did acting projects, starring in a movie titled The Swindlers with her co-star in The Good Wife, Yoo Ji-tae, and SBS’s drama Four Men along with actor Park Hae-jin.

Orange Caramel’s 2018 Comeback Stage

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In 2018, there is no information regarding the upcoming comeback of Orange Caramel. We still think that they deserve at least one last comeback before taking another hiatus or worse, disbanding the group. Four years have passed since their last comeback and the K-pop fan community has gathered newer audiences who deserve to listen and watch the bops that Orange Caramel have always delivered. Hopefully, the day when Orange Caramel has a comeback is the day we have another strange yet addictive song to tune in to!