All About Jung Sisters (Jessica and Krystal)’s Reality Show on OnStyle Network, ‘Jessica & Krystal’!

Jung Sisters On-Screen!

You might have gotten used to seeing the famous Jung Sisters, which include former SNSD member Jessica Jung and FX’s chic maknae Krystal Jung, bonding and having fun with each other on one of the off-screen Fancams or whenever they have the same stage at an SMTown concert. But, did you know that besides their cute off-screen interaction, they also have a TV show together!

If you didn’t already know and want to find out more, let’s dig deeper into this article!


Jessica & Krystal’s Reality Show

On February 10th, according to one broadcasting rep, Jessica & Krystal Jung were discussing their appearance on the reality program titled, Jung Sisters Project, which would be broadcast on the TV network OnStyle. The rumor turned out to be true and the show would then be called, Jessica & Krystal. This show marks the first time the Jung Sisters appear in a reality program together.

The show ran for 1 season that included 10 episodes, from June 3rd to August 4th, 2014, with approximately 50 minutes per episode. 

The 10-episode reality show was taking viewers behind the scenes of their stylish life as sisters and friends as they decorate their filming set, shop, travel, and more. On the 15th of May, OnStyle uploaded their official Facebook announcing the show’s first airdate, as well as teasers and posters for the program.


Take a Look at the Jung Sisters’ Daily Life

Jessica & Krystal takes the viewers behind the scenes, to unveil Jung Soo-yeon (aka Jessica) and Jung Soo-jung (aka Krystal)’s normal, everyday life as sisters and friends. The use of the pair of popular Korean names implies that the viewers will be seeing an up-close and personal side of the two sisters, instead of their stage appearance as Jessica & Krystal. CJ E&M OnStyle‘s CP Kim Ji Wook stated, “The one-of-a-kind Jung sisters’ real lifestyle will be unveiled. We ask that you show a lot of interest and anticipation for the reveal of the lovely sisters’ private stories.”

Each episode brought the viewers closer to Jessica and Krystal’s personal life as we’ve seen them travel to Los Angeles together, have a discussion about the opposite gender and marriage alongside SNSD’s Tiffany and Hyoyeon, doing photo shoots together in New York, and other fun bonding activities.

They even revealed the living space that they will be staying in for the reality show. To display their normal, everyday life of shopping, vacationing, and more from their private lives through the reality show, they also lived on their own together for the first time on the program. The sneak peeks into their house were released by OnStyle.

The interior of the overall house gives off a vintage-like mood with the large windows, white brick walls, and deep-colored furniture. It has been said that the sisters were very active in choosing the furniture and decorating their first house together, as they both have a lot of interest in interior design.


Touching and Funny Moments

Throughout the show, Jessica and Krystal had been showing support and love for each other in the most touching and endearing way. Here are some of our favorite touching and funny moments:

One of the most touching moments is when Krystal prepared a simple surprise for her sister’s birthday that brought Jessica to tears. And of course, us too. *sobs*

Jessica and Krystal get cozy and play around in the comfort of their own home.

Being barefaced in front of the camera can be scary, but it’s not if you do it together with your sis!

Jessica & Krystal ft. Tiffany & Hyoyeon. It’s girls time! SO much fun going around the house!

The precious moment when a bird poops on Krystal! Despite her laughter, Jessica told Krystal about how you are lucky if a bird poops on you – talk about a big heartwarming, yet a hilarious moment.


Fans’ Reactions

Fans have shown support and love to Jessica and Krystal’s first ever reality show, with much praise coming for their close and natural relationship in front of the camera.

[+630, -62] “Having two goddesses on one show is total eye candy…”

[+597, -44] “They’re called ice princesses only by name, their personalities are actually playful ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ”

[+482, -44] “The Jung sisters are so lovely ♥”

[+114, -14] “Krystal has a lot of aegyo to her unni and Jessica’s so caring. When Krystal was intimidated by the large crowd, Jessica kept saying it was okay and patted her shoulder. Such beautiful sisters.”

[+94, -13] “They looked like baby cheetahs with the way they were going back and forth in leopard print leggings ㅋ The show was enjoyable, not much to watch for Tuesday varieties but it was worth a watch ㅋㅋ”

[+87, -13] “Enjoyed the broadcast. They seemed like real sisters with the way they were playfully hitting each other and joking around without caution. I hope they change the narration, though.”

The Show’s Rating
The program was quite a hit and a boost for OnStyle channel.
For the pilot episode, Jessica & Krystal received a 4.6% online-streaming, which is 15 times higher than the ratings for the channel’s previous program at the same time-slot.
On the IMDB site, the program also scores an 8.0 out of 10.
It was quite a lovely program, wasn’t it? Not to mention, we have the opportunity to watch more interaction of our favorite sibling, the Jung Sisters! Hopefully, we can see their appearance together again in the future!
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