Here Are Ong Seung-woo’s Activities After the Disbandment of WANNA ONE

Pepsi X Starship Entertainment Collaboration

ong seongwoo wanna one

Around May 26, 2019 Both Fantagio Entertainment and Starship Entertainment released a sneak peak of Seung Woo’s solo song called ‘Heart Sign’. The song is part of a project between Pepsi and Starship Entertainment that was named ‘The Love of Summer: The Story’, the song was produced by Flow Blow, who also produced Wanna One’s ‘Energetic’ and ‘Never’ from Produce 101 Season 2.

The song was originally released on June 7, but it was postponed and they decided to release it on June 11 to ensure that the song came out in higher quality. Here is the music video for you!

The song concept itself is about summer, where love blooms between two people. The love couldn’t be be expressed well enough in words, so he uses a heart sign to show his true feelings towards the person that he likes.

They also released behind the scenes video for the making of Heart Sign: