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Former Wanna One Lead Vocal, Ong Seong-woo!

Ong Seong-woo (Hangul: 옹 성우, born August 25th, 1995) is a South Korean singer and actor. He is known for his participation in the survival reality show Produce 101 Season 2, where he finished at the fifth position and is a former member of the Wanna One event group.

Ong Seong-woo was born in Incheon, South Korea. He then attended Hanlim Multi Art School, graduating in 2014. He then graduated from Dong Seoul University with a major in performing arts.

Profile and Facts

ong seongwoo

Full Profile

Stage Name: Seongwoo (성우)

Birth Name: Ong Seong-woo (옹성우)

Position: Lead Vocal, Main Dancer

Date of Birth: August 25th, 1995

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Nationality: Korean

Height: 179 cm (5’10″)

Weight: 63 kg (139 lbs)

Blood Type: A

Instagram: @osw_onge


1. His birth name is Ong Seong-woo.

2. He is the only trainee from Fantagio Entertainment.

3. He was born on August 25th, 1995.

4. He is 179 cm tall.

5. Weighs 63 kg.

6. His blood type is A.

7. His hobby is turning on music and dancing without thinking.

8. The motto of his life is “I will work harder than others. I will improve quickly and do it well.”

9. During the first episode of Produce 101, Ong covered the Bruno Mars song “That’s what I like.” The jury liked it and Ong got an ‘A.’

10. When Ong is challenged to do freestyle dances, he can do it really well. Even the judges and other trainees were fascinated when he did a flying kiss on the cover of Bruno Mars’ song “Uptown Funk.”

11. Commenting on Kahi when she saw Ong: “Ah, he is very handsome, even his mole looks cool.”

12. BoA’s comment on seeing Ong: “Yoeksi, Fantagio (Of course, Fantagio)!” BoA sees Ong from the visual side more like an actor than an idol, because Fantagio Entertainment is an agency famous for actors.

13. Cheetah commented when looking at Ong: “Is your colleague right?” And he made an aegyo which made the trainees laugh and even feel a little awkward.

14. Ong is the agency with Yoojung and Doyeon I.O.I.

15. Ong is a vocalist.

16. Ong managed to defend himself in class ‘A’ after the re-evaluation, although at the beginning of the training he was unable to follow the Nayana dance properly.

17. When he did the vocal test he did not experience any difficulties and even proudly said, “I am pretty confident in my abilities.”

18. Ong is the only trainee who still raises his hand when BoA asks, “Who is sure if he will get an A” and BoA starts paying attention to Ong.

19. Ong is very confident in his jokes.

20. Ong has been teaching Woojin tricks to appear on many screens. “Because many trainees have a lot of ‘playing’ with the camera but parts have never been aired.”

21. Ong is closest to Kang Daniel, their partner’s name is ‘OngNiel.’

22. Ong’s team is called ‘Sorry Sorry,’ ‘Ugly Team Dance,’ ‘Team Never,’ ‘Team Hands on Me.’

23. Ong became the Center in the team ‘Sorry Sorry.’

24. Ong is the mood maker in Produce 101 and everyone acknowledges that.

25. Guanlin once said that he is an Ong fan because Ong is a funny person.

26. Everyone agrees that Ong is a good person to appear on the TV screen.

27. Ong’s success made the trainees laugh when they were in “Punch King” because he confidently claimed that he would defeat Seunghyuk. But he eventually lost and said, “Next time I will be more humble, I will prove it.”

28. Ong said he was very happy when the other trainees laughed because of his jokes.

29. Ong said he really hates it when his jokes don’t work.

30. Ong always says that Park Woojin isn’t funny, when in fact, he doesn’t want for anybody else to be funnier than him.

31. Minhyun said that Ong has many expressions.

32. Ong is famous for his visuals and voice, but behind all that he is a very funny person.

33. Ong is famous for his ‘slide’.

34. Even Guanlin’s older sisters and men recognize it because the ‘slide’ has now gone viral.

35. Sungwoon said that he could become one of the staff of the show after Produce 101 has ended because he did the ‘slide’ work diligently.

36. Ong is also famous for words when dividing positions such as “Jeongmal, jeongmal, jinnja, wanjeon, rieol, heol, daebak.” Even BoA once asked him to do it again.

37. Ong is one of the top 10 visuals on Produce 101.

38. Ong was the MC of IA SPORTS SPORTS DAY together with Jisung.

39. Ong became the center candidate of the team ‘Hands on Me,’ but Bae Jinyoung was elected.

40. During his appearance in Produce 101, he never ranked outside the TOP 11. And he was last ranked at the 5th place.

Produce 101 Season 2 Appearances

Ong participated in Produce 101 (season 2). Previously, he was a trainee at Fantagio. At the end of the show, he finished ranked in the fifth place with 984,756 votes, securing a place as a member of Wanna One. It was reported that Ong had taken part in a short film project, Short Film Project: Beginning, before his participation in Produce 101. The short film, titled Seong-wu Is Alright, was released on June 19th. In addition, he also made a special appearance in the mobile drama Idol Fever, which aired between July 7th and July 17th, 2017. Here is the first video of him appearing in Produce 101.

Career with Wanna One

Ong debuted as a member of the Wanna One project group on August 7th, 2017. He later represented the group in several variety shows, such as Happy Together, The Return of Superman, and Saturday Night Live Korea. He also served as a special host in the broadcasting music shows for M Countdown and Inkigayo. On September 21st, it was announced that he, along with his teammate Kang Daniel, had been selected to partake in the first episode of the Master Key variety show. He was later confirmed as a permanent member. His performance on the show received a positive reaction from media outlets, receiving praise for his clever skills for his friends in a psychological play style to achieve the biggest win of the show so far. In November, Ong appeared in singer Huh Gak’s music video for her digital single “Only You.”

Ong has been named as one of the main hosts of the Music Core in February 2018. He left his position in September 2018. He also became a member of the reality show Law of the Jungle Sabah. This program was aired from July 27th to September 21st, 2018. Ong’s contract with Wanna One expired on December 31st, 2018, however, he will still perform with the group until his official farewell concert on January 24-27th, 2019.


Studio albums

List of studio albums, with selected details and chart positions
Title Details Peak chart positions Sales
1¹¹=1 (Power of Destiny) Release Date: November 19th, 2018·         Label: Swing Entertainment·         Formats: CD, digital download, streaming 1 3 35 12 KOR: 728,427        JPN: 94,937 (Phy.)  JPN: 945 (Dig.)

Extended plays

List of extended plays, with selected chart positions and sales
Title Details Peak chart positions Sales
1×1=1 (To Be One) Release Date: August 7th, 2017

Label: YMC Entertainment

Formats: CD, digital download, streaming audio

1 151 4 6 3 KOR: 1,451,322

JPN: 81,010

CHN: 226,801

US: 2,000

Repackaged: November 13th, 2017 (1-1=0 (Nothing Without You))

Label: YMC Entertainment

Formats: CD, digital download, streaming audio

1 8 51 12
0+1=1 (I Promise You) Release Date: March 19th, 2018

Label: YMC Entertainment

Formats: CD, digital download, streaming audio

1 2 32 10 KOR: 783,993

JPN: 53,515

CHN: 76,466

1÷x=1 (Undivided) Release Date: June 4th, 2018

Label: Swing Entertainment

Formats: CD, digital download, streaming audio

1 2 8 KOR: 642,796

JPN: 70,140 (Phy.)

JPN: 825 (Dig.)


List of singles, with selected chart positions, showing year released and album name
Title Year Peak chart positions Sales Album
“Energetic” (에너제틱) 2017 1 2 6 KOR: 1,018,134

US: 9,000

1×1=1 (To Be One)
“Beautiful” 1 1 15 KOR: 667,145 1-1=0 (Nothing Without You)
“I Promise You (I.P.U.)” (약속해요) 2018 5 2 78 N/A 0+1=1 (I Promise You)
“Boomerang” (부메랑) 3 1
“Light” (켜줘) 2 3 1÷x=1 (Undivided)
“Spring Breeze” (봄바람) 3 1 1¹¹=1 (Power of Destiny)


Music videos

Title Year Director(s)
“Energetic” 2017 Zanybros
“Energetic” (Performance ver.) Unknown
“Burn It Up” (Extended ver.) Baik
“Wanna Be (My Baby)” (Live ver.) Zanybros
“Beautiful” (Movie ver.) Yong Yi
“Beautiful” (Performance ver.) Zanybros
“I Promise You (I.P.U.)” 2018 Digipedi
“Boomerang” Zanybros
“켜줘 (Light)” Naive Creative Production
“봄바람 (Spring Breeze)”


Year Title Role Notes
2017 Seong-wu Is Alright Seong-wu Short film

Television series

Year Title Role Network Notes
2017 Idol Fever Himself Naver TV Cast Special appearance (Ep. 1–2)
2019 The Moment of 18 Choi Jun-woo JTBC

Music video[edit]

Year Song Title Artist
2018 Only You (바보야) Huh Gak

Variety shows

Year Title Role Network Notes
2017 Produce 101 (season 2) Contestant Mnet
Master Key Cast member SBS
2018 Living Together in Empty Room Cast member MBC with Kang Daniel and Kim Jae-hwan
Show! Music Core Co-host MBC with Kang Mi-na and Mark
Law of the Jungle Sabah Cast member SBS



There are not many photos where you can see Ong Seong-woo’s abs, but if you watch some of his videos, you can get some peeks at his abs. Here are some of the videos:

Some of Wanna One’s members’ abs, including Ong Seong-woo.

Ong Seong-woo at the concert is asked by Guan Lin, one of the members of Wanna One, to show his abs.

Funny Moments

Since Ong Seong-woo is known of his funny personality, of course, there are some videos showing his funny moments. Here are several of them:


As a former member of Wanna One, one of the most famous ex-boy bands in South Korea, Ong Seong-woo has participated in several commercials. Here are some of them: