Let’s Get Closer with ONF’s J-US: Profile, Facts, Pre-debut, and Fancam!


Everything About ONF’s J-US!

You probably already know about one of WM Entertainment’s boy groups, namely ONF. This group consists of six members and has two subunits, namely OFF and ON. In the OFF unit, there are Wyatt, U, and the leader J-US. And this time, Channel-Korea will not be talking about all the members of ONF or even the subunits, but we are going to talk about J-US: starting from his profile, facts, until his fancams. Are you curious? If so, keep on reading this article!

ONF’s J-US’s Profile

ONF J-US profile

Name: Lee Seung Jun (이승준)

Stage Name: J-US (제이어스)

Birthday: January 13th, 1995

Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea

Height: 174 cm (5’8″)

Weight: 57 kg

Zodiac: Capricorn

Chinese Zodiac: Pig

Blood Type: AB

Nationality: Korean

Debut: 2017

Occupation: Singer

Group: ONF

Agency: WM Entertainment

ONF’s J-US’s Facts


After you read the profile previously, now you need to know the whole of ONF’s J-Us’ facts. So, here are the facts about J-US.

  • J-US was a trainee for five years.
  • He has a unique habit, he talks while he sleeps.
  • He has two older sisters.
  • Watching dramas and reading webtoons are J-US’s hobbies.
  • Before he had a dream to be a singer, J-US wanted to be a table tennis player when he was young.
  • His English name is Chris.
  • J-US was the vice president of the student committee during middle school.
  • Purple is his favorite color.
  • When he was 20 he got his first piercing on his ears.
  • He doesn’t like oysters or bell peppers.
  • All ONF members agree that he is the noisiest member.
  • J-US has a puddle named Vell.
  • He would be the owner of a barbecue restaurant if he hadn’t become an idol or singer.
  • His favorite season is winter.
  • J-US wants to go to Rome on vacation if he can.
  • Samgyupsal with bibimmyeon, pork + rice soup, and beef are his favorite foods.
  • He is fluent in Japanese.
  • In 2019, J-US participated in The King of Mask Singer, he appeared in Episode 232.
  • J-US has many nicknames, namely Juice, Tire-Us, Jayers, and Spark Leader.

ONF’s J-US Pre Debut

ONF J-Us predebut

J-US is one of the talented ONF members, he can sing, dance, and even he has a good leadership spirit. Besides that, he also has commendable visuals. Unexpectedly, his handsome face didn’t just appear when he became an idol, but before J-US debuted he already had it. Wanna see his pre-debut photos? Let’s see them below!

You must be very surprised to see his childhood photo; like the photo above, we can see that J-Us looked cheerful and adorable with his white jacket!

ONF J-Us predebut

In the photo above, little J-US wore traditional clothes from his homeland South Korea and he looks so sweet and cute.

ONF J-us predebut

During the pre-debut days, J-US’s hair was quite long, some fans thought that he resembles actor Sungjoon.

ONF J-us predebut

J-US’s dancing skills are very nice, he has shown his skills in the Korean web drama titled Loss:Time:Life as a dancer. Not only that, but in his pre-debut days he also once appeared as Bipo’s back dancer along with Wyatt, E-Tion, and Hyojin. So, here are the photos.

ONF J-us predebut
ONF J-us predebut

ONF’s J-US’s Debut


J-US joined the group under WM Entertainment namely ONF. This group debuted on August 3rd, 2017, by releasing their debut Extended Play (EP) and “ON/OFF” as the lead track. At first, ONF consisted of seven members, but in August 2019, Laun decided to leave.

ONF used a futuristic and colorful concept for their debut, and in this group, J-US got the position of lead dancer, rapper, and vocalist. Not only that, but J-US is part of ONF’s subunit named OFF and he is the leader of the subunit.

J-US and his group’s career have been running quite well and they have even released more than four EP. Even though they were already successful, they wanted to be more famous, so they decided to take part in the reality competition show Road to Kingdom in 2020.

ONF’s J-US’s Focus Fancam

Fancam is a term that is already popular among K-Pop fans. This is a phenomenon that hasn’t bypassed ONF’s J-US. Do you want to see his performance through the fancam video? So, here is J-US’s focus fancam that will make you smile every day.

Well, that’s all the information about ONF’s J-US: from his profile to the fancam. After reading this article, what do you think about him? Don’t forget to kindly share your opinion and support in the comment section. Also, follow our Twitter @CKoreaOfficial to get more of our updates.