ONF’s Hyojin: Profile, Facts, Leadership, Etc.

ONF’s Hyojin as a Leader

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When it comes to leadership, Hyojin’s style (as the ON leader) differs from the leader of the OFF unit, J-Us. Unlike J-Us, who has a strict image, Hyojin has a more bright and playful image. He’s a leader who’s not scared to show his soft side and is friendly to everyone.

Although the two are best friends for more than 10 years, Hyojin and he have very different personalitiesWhereas J-Us is more straightforward and likes to scold the members, Hyojin is the type of leader who likes to comfort his members.

“I lead the team delicately so that the members do not get hurt. I am a leader who always keenly grasps and cares about the members whenever they are in bad condition,” he said once during an interview with News1.

So, which type of leader are you? J-Us or Hyojin?


ONF’s Hyojin’s Vocals

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As the main vocalist of the group, Hyojin’s vocal is filled with both beauty and power. In line with his image as an emotional leader, he is specialized in ballads because he has an emotional voice with a soft and rich delivery. Hyojin is often praised for expressing feelings of sadness well. He also handles the treble well enough to take on the high-pitched parts in most of the songs of ONF.

And as he is a perfectionist, he always puts much care into everything from the first line to the end of the song. According to WM Entertainment, Hyojin doesn’t go on stage unless he feels everything is ready and perfect.

We’ve compiled some of Hyojin’s best vocals, check them out!



ONF’s Hyojin’s Focus Fan-cam

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Similar to his singing, Hyojin always tries to do the best in everything he does, especially when he’s performing on stage. So, it’s no wonder that his fan-cams always get many views since people can see his dedication clearly.

Check out a few of his best performances below!

So, those are all the things that you need to know regarding the emotional leader of ONF, Hyojin! What do you think about his personality, talent, or leadership style? Share your thoughts with us by commenting in the box below!