ONEWE’s Cya: Profile, Age, Pronunciation, Etc.

ONEWE’s Cya’s Performances on Stage

onewe live

We have talked about how CyA formed a band with his fellow musician friends back when he was young. But we haven’t really talked about how CyA performs on stage. Well, yeah, we have seen some videos of him performing live in some videos. But do you know that besides busking performances, CyA and the other ONEWE members also perform in music shows, just like K-pop groups?

Even though there are not many bands who perform in some music shows, ONEWE is one of the few bands that do! Even when they were known as MAS0094, CyA and his other bandmates performed in some music shows. However, as the band’s popularity started rising, especially after they signed under RBW Entertainment, their stages on music shows started to grow bigger.

Let’s check out CyA’s performances on stage with his bass!

These are performances of CyA and Yonghoon, Kanghyun, Harin, and Dongmyeong when they were still MAS0094!

And these are performances where the five boys are known to be ONEWE.

Their style is a bit different from their previous era as MAS0094, don’t you think so? But their music skills are even better than ever!

CyA is a really talented bassist, right? Despite his young age, he really could handle the stage well, and even raps well too. No wonder the fans love him so much!

ONEWE’s Cya’s SoundCloud

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As a musician who has been performing for over five years, CyA has experience in making music too. CyA hasn’t only studied how to play bass, but also how to create his own music. As you can see, ONEWE who was formerly known as MAS0094 release the songs that they composed. They help each other to write and compose the music.

So, if you’re wondering if CyA made songs or not, well, the answer is yes. Even years after he debuted for the first time, CyA didn’t stop to learn. He is always exploring the music that he wants to play.

For the fans who wonder what kind of music he composes, let’s check out his SoundCloud account below!

Although CyA produced the music himself, sometimes he asked his fellow musicians to join for the song. He also often shares his works on SoundCloud despite the busy schedule of ONEWE. What a talented boy he is!

CyA’s music color is so different, right? He can rock all types of music.

ONEWE’s Cya’s in The Unit

the unit

In the era before CyA re-debuted as ONEWE, CyA and other members in ONEWE joined a survival show titled The Unit. The program itself was about re-booting idols who have already debuted. So they can perform and show their best to the audience again. That’s why among other debuted idols were also ONEWE members.

onewe cya

Let’s take a look at the performances of CyA in The Unit!

However, even though he tried his best, CyA couldn’t make it to the final line-up of the debuted group. But still, he was able to perform on a bigger stage and gain attention from the public.

ONEWE’s Cya’s Hairstyle

cya the unit

CyA might be a bassist, but it doesn’t mean that he can’t dye his hair just like most of the idols, right? Well, in fact, CyA has dyed his hair a lot of times. He also has tried different hairstyles too. Then again, CyA is such a fashionable man. He matches his hairstyle with the new song that they would promote!

Let’s take a look at CyA’s hairstyles throughout the years!

onewe cya
onewe cya
onewe cya

What do you think about CyA’s hairstyles? Which of his hairstyles do you like best? You can share your opinion in the comment section. Who knows, maybe he will come back with that hairstyle or hair color again in the future!

ONEWE’s Cya and The Boyz’s Sunwoo

cya the boyz

It’s normal to see idols become friends even though they come from a different group. The same goes for CyA who is friends with Sunwoo from The Boyz. They are friends because they are of the same age. Both of them were born in 2000. CyA and Sunwoo also attended the same high school, Hanlim Multi Arts High School.

As we have seen from his pre-debut era, CyA was born and raised in Suwon, Gyeonggi. But he moved to Seoul as he started to promote as a member of MAS0094. He also attended a high school in Seoul too. And since CyA had a busy schedule as an artist, he attended a high school that focuses on performing arts instead of a regular high school. He was also able to improve his skills in rapping.

Just like CyA, Sunwoo is also a rapper in The Boyz. They often collaborate with each other.

Even after they graduated from high school, they seem to maintain their friendship. What do you think about their chemistry? Both CyA and Sunwoo are cute, right?


That’s a wrap for the article about CyA! He’s really a talented musician. Even though he is a bassist, he can also rap and even produce his own music. Not to mention that he started his career at such a young age, he surely can grow even bigger in the music industry in the future. Who has fallen for him already? You can share your love and support for CyA in the comment section!