Check Out Onew’s Impressive Acting in ‘Descendants of the Sun’ and His Most Recent News!

Doctor Onew become Soldier

‘Doctor’ Onew Becomes a Soldier

Onew is the leader of the boy band SHINee who is well known for his sweet vocals among the members. Onew is not only good at singing but also in acting. With his appearance in the KBS drama Descendants of The Sun, alongside actress Song Hye-kyo, actor Song Joong-ki and many more, his impressive acting skills got the thumbs up from fans and non-fans. Apart from the entertainment industry, Onew is currently serving in military service since December 2018. Instantly transitioning from a lovely doctor to a handsome soldier, Onew has shown off his overflowing charisma to the public by now. Let’s check Onew’s transition from a doctor to a soldier.


Onew in the Popular Korean Drama, Descendants of the Sun

Onew in Descendant of the Sun

In the popular Korean drama Descendants of the Sun, Onew is playing the role of doctor Lee Chi-hoon, a 1st year resident of the Thoracic Surgery department, who is also the husband of ER nurse Choi Min-ji (played by Park Hwan-hee). Onew’s character, Lee Chi-hoon, is a bright, lovely, cheerful, caring and passionate person who is also full of positive vibes as a young doctor. Through Lee Chi-hoon’s character development during his volunteer trip to Uruk, we can see Onew’s acting skills. It is Onew’s first drama act and he shows impressive acting skills through his emotion and body language. Here are several cut scenes from the drama itself.


Behind the Scene Moments

Onew DOTS Special Episode 3

Behind the scene of the KBS drama Descendants of the Sun was airing as the third part of the special episode. Onew sat down with actor Lee Seung-joon and Lee Yi-kyung along with Shin Bo-ra as a host of the special segment. There were 3 charts to be shown, such as top 3 unique sweet couples, top 3 scenes with a twist, and top 3 scene stealers. Lee Chi-hoon’s mother, played by Park Joon-geum, found her name in the top unique sweet couples chart with Han Seok-won as the shouting couple. Onew left a message for his mother in the drama and made the others laugh with his innocence.

Onew DOTS Special Episode 3 leave message


I never got to call you mom.

I never got to see you, let alone say hi.

Congratulations on topping the list.

I’ll work hard towards becoming your proud son.

Thank you”

Onew DOTS Special Episode

Onew topped the scene-stealers chart in the second place as a passionate young doctor. He left a huge impression with his role as the young doctor who is still wandering around in his field as Lee Chi-hoon’s character develops from being playful into a more serious doctor.

Onew scene stealer DOTS Special Episode 3 l


Updates on His Military Service

Onew drama musical

Onew finished his military training graduation on January 16th, 2019. He entered Inje 12th Division Recruitment Training Battalion in December 2018. The graduation ceremony took place on Inje Gymnasium. Onew is said to be the best trainee from the training camp.

Onew currently participates in the military musical Shinheung Military Academy with other artists who are also currently enlisted at the same time, such as INFINITE Sunggyu, 2AM Jo-kwon, actor Ji Chang-wook, actor Kang Ha-Neul, and artist Go Eun-sung. The musical is a story about the founders who built the military academy with the historical scene as the starting point.

Onew military drama musical


The musical was being held at KwangLim Arts Center, BBCH Hall, South Korea. The show was available from February 27th to April 21st, 2019. Each show is having 150 minutes runtime. Check out Onew’s performance in the musical below.


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