Oneus’s Xion: Profile, Fun Facts, Debut, Twin Brother, Etc.

Oneus’ Xion’s Personality

Among the other members, it is said that he has the most aegyo and is best at aegyo. He doesn’t scare to show his affection through hugs and kisses, especially to his brother whenever it is needed. He has a lot of charm and plays a lot of jokes. Fans are in love with his friendly and charming words and actions.


Although he is the youngest of the group, he takes good care of the other group members. He often acts as the ‘mom’ of the group by nagging and waking them up at the dorm since he is sensitive to sounds and wakes up easily. He was also selected as ‘the king of nagging’, ‘the real-life hostel’, and ‘the great devil’ by other members. At one time, Leedo was hungry and ate snacks in bed, and Xion scolded him by saying, “After eating this, who gets rid of it?”

Part of his persona is his cold appearance but warm personality. Many said that his first impression is on the cold side and he is often perceived as blunt, scary, or quiet. But when you get close to him, he’s actually very talkative and bright. He is a very friendly person and he initiates conversation.

He also said that he has deep thoughts and a lot of sensitivity. He diligently communicates with his fans through SNS. He always leaves comments like, “I love you, our moons,” to his fans. No wonder he has a golden personality since his MBTI is ESFJ which means ‘social diplomat and goodwill model.’


Oneus’ Xion’s Twin Brother, Onewe’s Dongmyeong

As many people have noticed, Xion is the twin brother of ONEWE’s Dongmyeong and they are also under the same label. Dongmyeong entered the K-Pop idol industry first in 2015 when he debuted under MAS 0094 and appeared on Mnet’s Produce 101 Season 2 and KBS2’s The Unit (where Xion shared a brief video message).

Both of them were born on January 10th, 2000, and are fraternal twins set only a minute apart (Xion is the younger brother). They have the surname ‘Son’ with Xion born under the name Son Dong-ju, and Dongmyeong born under the name Son Dong-myeong.

Prior to Xion joining RBW, it was said that the employees of the company kept telling Dongmyeong to bring his handsome twin brother because they wanted to see Xion. Dongmyeong said that Xion hesitated for about a year at the time because he was contemplating a career path between an actor and a singer. But as an elder brother, Dongmyeong wanted to help a little, so after consulting with Xion, Dongmyeong introduced him to RBW.

Xion also likes to post selfies with his twin brother on Oneus’ official social media and even asks the fans to support them. “Please continue to love Xion and the same name! Today, I love you so much, our moons,” he wrote at the end of a photo post.

They also often openly show their affection toward one another. During the debut showcase, Xion revealed Dongmyeong’s affection for him, “After yesterday’s practice, my brother prepared vitamins, painkillers in case I have a headache, and also cologne on my bed.”

Check out their warm interaction below for your supplies of bromance!


Oneus’ Xion’s Vocal Skills

In the group, he is in charge of the subvocal position. He has an attractive voice with a calm and low tone. Comparing to other members, his training period is the shortest and there are many members with excellent vocal skills in the team, so he doesn’t really have many parts in songs. However, since he is the youngest of the group, it is expected that his vocal skills will improve over time.


Oneus’ Xion’s Focus Fan-cam

Since his debut, Xion has grown a lot in terms of dance skills, facial expressions, and gestures on stage. Although his training period was quite short, he still delivers a charming performance every time he’s on stage.

Check out a few of his fan-cams below!

So, those are all the things that you need to know regarding the stylish maknae of Oneus, Xion! What do you think about him? Let’s chat about him in the comment section below!