ONEUS’ Keonhee: Profile, Braces, Birthday, Etc.

ONEUS’s Keonhee’s Performances on Stage


It has been over two years since ONEUS made a debut. Of course, they released more cool songs after they released the first single track which was released on January 9th, 2019. ONEUS as a group is developing their skills and talent each day. They were such amazing rookies back then, but they are even cooler now.

So, let’s take a look at how ONEUS improved their talent in the performances of ONEUS on music shows!

If we focus on listening to the song, we can finally realize why To Moon, ONEUS’s fandom, loves them very much. That’s because ONEUS really have amazing talents in performing the music. Even by looking at the video performances on stage, you might find it hard to just focus on one member.

So, this is the right time to see the videos that only focus on Keonhee!

What do you think of Keonhee’s and ONEUS’s performances? They really did well, right?

ONEUS’s Keonhee’s Braces

oneus keonhee

Usually, K-pop idols have something that can be their charms. For example, their unique eyes, their height, their rabbit-like front teeth, their moles, even their braces. Keonhee is one of the idols that gained attention because of his braces. He used to wear a brace for the lower part of his teeth.

Well, then again, it’s normal for anyone to wear braces. But when it comes to K-pop idols who wear it, everyone goes crazy.

It’s because of how cute the idols wear it. We won’t be complaining if they wear it every day. But, yeah, of course, they can’t. While they still have braces inside their mouth shown as they’re smiling, let’s appreciate the pictures of Keonhee who looks extremely cute with braces.


What do you think of Keonhee’s braces? Unfortunately, he doesn’t wear them anymore. But he is still as cute as when he had the braces, right? The smile never left his face. Who has fallen for him already? Leave a message for him in the comment section, please.

ONEUS’s Keonhee’s Halloween Costumes


Not only popular with his braces, his mouth that can be opened so wide, the fact that he’s funny and has a bright personality, Keonhee is also known for his unique Halloween costumes. Just like in some other countries, K-pop idols usually have a Halloween party where the attendees should wear costumes.

Most K-pop idols have unique costumes each year. There are K-pop idols who cosplay as Disney princesses, Harley Quinn, Joker, etc. But Keonhee’s option for his Halloween costumes is always hilarious.

Let’s take a look at some pictures of Keonhee’s Halloween costumes!


What do you think of Keonhee’s Halloween costumes? He’s such a happy virus. How can someone not love him if he’s just too adorable like that? It must be a blessing to be able to have someone like Keonhee in our life.


We have reached the end of the article about Keonhee from ONEUS. Now you learned that Keonhee is a really talented main vocalist from ONEUS. Not to mention that they also have great songs in their discography. Keonhee is also such an amazing person, he has a hilarious personality, and has a lot of cuteness. Which of his charms do you like the most? Kindly share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.