ONEUS’s Hwanwoong: Profile, ‘Produce 101’ Era, Girlfriend, Etc.

ONEUS’s Hwanwoong’s Performances on Stage


ONEUS’s debut date was over two years ago. Ever since that time until now, ONEUS have trained harder to become better and better each day. They prepared a lot of things and came back with a new song after several months, they did it over and over again. It has been two years of their anniversary, and they are now in the third year of their appearance in front of the public. ONEUS must be improving a lot, right?

Let’s see the performances of ONEUS from time to time in music shows!

And now, it’s time to see the combination of Hwanwoong and stage. Let’s see how delightful the dance movements of Hwanwoong are on every comeback of ONEUS on music shows!

What do you think of Hwanwoong’s performances? Whether we see him alone or with his team members, Hwanwoong really does it perfectly, right?

ONEUS’s Hwanwoong’s Abs

seoho hwanwoong

Some K-pop idols like to tease their fans on stage. Hwanwoong is just the same. He likes to tease his fans by showing his abs on stage. It’s true that he has a cute face, but does he has abs like other idols too? Well, unfortunately, Hwanwoong still hasn’t shown his abs yet to fans. Instead, he likes to reveal other members’ abs such as Soeho. Instead of showing his abs, he likes to show other members’ abs.

Anyway, let’s take a look at pictures of Hwanwoong trying to expose his members’ abs!


Let’s wish that someday Seoho will reveal Hwanwoong’s abs, something that the fans have never seen before!

ONEUS’s Hwanwoong’s Girlfriend


It’s normal for fans to be curious about their idols. One of the things that people often feel curious about their idols is: are they in a relationship or not?

Well, it’s hard to prove if an idol is dating someone or not. Usually, idols only confirm their relationship if there’s a reporter who has spotted them on the street hiding while having a date with their lover, who is a celebrity too. The company will confirm if it is true or not. If yes, then the idols’ relationship will be known to the public.

Just like Junhyung ex-member of Beast or Highlight who was in a relationship with the late Goo Hara from Kara, the late Kim Jonghyun of SHINee who dated the actress Shin Sekyung, or Choi Sooyoung the former member of SNSD with Jung Kyungho.


But if you’re curious about Hwanwoong’s love life, well, up to this day, he still hasn’t been involved in any rumor linked to him about someone he dated. It could mean that he’s really not in a relationship right now, or he just successfully manages not to reveal his relationship to the public. Then again, it’s the idol’s right to choose if they’re going public with their relationship or not. They also have to think about their fans and their partner.

So, let’s just support Hwanwoong in his career whether he has a girlfriend or not.


We have reached the end of the article about Hwanoong from ONEUS. He is indeed such a lovable main dancer. No wonder To Moon, the fandom of ONEUS, love him so much. Hwanwoong really loves to dance and it shows how determined he is in dancing. His face is also dreamy: we can’t get enough just to see him once! So, which of Hwanwoon’s charms do you like the most? We’ll be so happy if you can share your thoughts in the comment section and shower him with support and love messages!