K-Drama Review: ‘One Spring Night’ Shows Infidelity Between Couple That You Should Watch

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch One Spring Night

  1. Realistic love story

One Spring Night offered more than just a common romantic K-drama. It offered a more realistic plot and a more mature love story. Romantic relationship after reaching adulthood is far more complex than in teenage days.

  1. Taboo, taboo and taboo

In a patrilineal society, Korean considers male superior to the female. The thought of a single father raising his son is considered taboo. In a failed marriage, people looked down upon a father who took care of his son. Moreover, albeit her youthful look, Han Ji-min is a lot older than Jung Hae-in. It will be extremely difficult to find a woman who dares to go into a relationship with a younger man who has a son.

  1. There is nothing wrong with love.

Lee Jung-in fell in love with another guy even though she is in a relationship. Yoo Ji-ho approached Lee Jung-in even though she is not single. In the end, love will find a way, hopefully.

  1. Han Ji-min and Jung Hae-in.

Han Ji-min is a classy actress who cans pull of chemistry with any actor. She previously starred in Joseon dynasty or melancholic drama. This time, she acted alongside a much younger actor in a more realistic drama. In the case of Jung Hae-in, hopefully, he can land other roles other than dating noonas dramas. He performed two similar roles, both as a younger man dating an older woman, in Something in the Rain, and One Spring Night.

  1. Easy listening soundtracks

Spring is the time when flower blossoms and a romantic relationship develops. Listening to romantic songs by Carla Bruni and Rachel Yamagata is the best way possible to welcome spring.

That was all the information about One Spring Night, a romantic spring love story. Don’t forget to give your opinion about One Spring Night in the comment section.