Everything About Oli London: BTS Superfan Who Claimed to Be Married with Jimin!

Jimin and oli london married

Let’s Find Out Who Oli London Is!

Idols are certainly loved by many people and many also want to copy everything about their favorite idol, from their style, hobby, and also their looks. As we all know, BTS‘s Jimin is one of the BTS members who have many fans: among them is Oli London. This London guy is really obsessed with Jimin, he wants to have the same look as Jimin and he has even undergone plastic surgery many times.

Now, let’s find out exactly how many surgeries has Oli London done. Also, is it true that he has married Jimin? You can find the answer to these and many more questions in the article below where Channel-Korea has provided a detailed explanation of everything about BTS’s Jimin’s super fan, Oli London. So, stay tuned!

Oli London Has Done 18 Surgeries to Look like BTS’s Jimin

oli london plastic surgery

Oli London began being known after appearing on social media with a look inspired by BTS’s Jimin. This superfan has reportedly undergone dozens of plastic surgeries, up to 18 to look like Jimin. He has spent quite a lot of money on surgeries, over $200 thousand, and basically, there is no part of his face that hasn’t been transformed. Here is his statement:

“I’ve had a facelift, brow-lift, eye surgery, canthoplasty surgery, and dental surgery. I feel happy, for the first time in my life I feel pretty. When I saw my face in the mirror, I like how I look and I’m happy. I hope people can respect my decision.”

His style is very eccentric and flashy. He once said that he didn’t want to be called a British guy instead, he wants to be called a Korean. Even, in the eyes, he followed the Korean eyelid style. Here are some photos of his flashy style!

oli london fashion style
oli london fashion style

Oli London Plans a Genital Reduction Surgery

oli london gender surgery

Oli is obsessed with Jimin, after he spent his money on plastic surgery, in 2022, he said that he has a plan to do genital reduction surgery. According to him, the average Korean male genitalia is smaller, and because he wants to be a “real” Korean-looking man, he thinks that he should also undergo such a surgery. Not only that, but he also said that he wants to do genital reduction surgery in Thailand because it’s cheaper.

Here’s his statement:

“I just want to be 100% Korean. I can do it (surgery) in Thailand, it costs between $6000 and $8000. It’s cheaper in Thailand. Honestly, they have specialized in that stuff there, because they often do genital reduction surgery and more. I’ve booked my surgery on February 22nd, after that, I will be happy with that new look.”

Oli London and BTS’s Jimin’s Marriage

oli london married jimin

His appearance aside, Oli London has yet again caused a commotion. He announced his marriage to Jimin in 2020. But, apparently, he married a cardboard of BTS’s Jimin in Las Vegas, Nevada. On his social media, Oli said that he was married to Jimin.

oli london married jimin

Oli also said that Jimin is his favorite idol. He also admitted that he has spent a lot of his money on imitating Jimin. Oli felt happy and he doesn’t know what he should do after the marriage. Their wedding procession was attended by his friends and was held lively. At his wedding, he kissed Jimin’s cupboard happily and also signed the documents by himself.

Oli London and Jimin’s Divorce

oli london divorce jimin

After 2 years of his marriage with BTS’s Jimin, to the surprise of many, Oli London shared his divorce papers and photos on his Twitter @OliLondonTV. He said that one of the reasons for his divorce was cyberbullying by the public, especially netizens.

In addition, he felt selfish for marrying Jimin’s cardboard. Meanwhile, Jimin is loved by many ARMYs in the world. But he still believes that in real life, Jimin loves him and they probably will marry in real life. Now, Oli London must accept the harsh reality.

Oli London Is a Fake ARMY

oli london is fake

Before Oli divorced Jimin and had a new crush a celeb-gram Vlad Hoshin, in 2020, there was a French model that revealed his truth. A YouTuber named Frenchy Morgan revealed that Oli had been lying all the time. As we know, Oli has been staying up to date as a superfan of BTS’s Jimin. But turns out, he has never attended a BTS concert.

In 2019, Oli said that he went to a BTS concert in Seoul, South Korea. But, according to Frenchy Morgan, it was just a lie. He never did it. At first, Frenchy trusted him so much and wanted to be his friend. However, one by one the facts were exposed and Frenchy was sick of all his fantasies.

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