Take a Peek at the Old Man’s Character and the Mystery Behind His Death in ‘Squid Game’

Old man squid game

Let’s Get Closer with the Old Man Character in Squid Game!

In 2020, Squid Game was very hyped among people in the world. Apart from the storyline, the actors’ acting was also very total and each of the actors managed to play their character perfectly, like the Old Man in Squid Game. This character is very mysterious and is a key player in this Netflix series.

To get to know his character and the actor playing it, you can read this article below, because, Channel-Korea has provided detailed information about this Old Man character from the Squid Game series. So, stay tuned and keep scrolling down.

Explanation of the Old Man Character from Squid Game

old man squid game character explain

We all know that Squid Game is one of the best Netflix series from South Korea which tells about a traditional childhood game wrapped as a deadly game with extreme challenges. Every participant should finish the challenge in every round to get the final prize; this game consists of unlucky people, such as Oh Il-nam.

The actor who played this character is named O Yeong-su and is a senior actor that debuted in 1967 in theater, and he often plays characters that are like Buddhist monks. Through Squid Game, he successfully acted as an old man as well as the oldest player in Squid Game. 

old man squid game character explain

Oh Il-nam is player number 001 who is full of mystery. Oh Il-nam has a severe illness and lives alone, so he wants to spend the rest of his life playing the game. He knew when he would die so he had no worries about dying in the game.

In this game, this character is close to Song Gi-hun and he is taken care of by Gi-hun like his own grandfather. In terms of his age, Oh Il-nam is the oldest and considered weak by others but then he becomes the ‘key’ player in several challenges.

Analytical Theory of the Old Man Character

oh il nam character squid game

There are many analyses and theories about this character, half of the viewers think that he is Song Gi-hun’s dad because he only wants to be close with Gi-hun. But there are also people who think that this character is full of mystery as he knows everything.

The theories claiming that he is Gi-hun’s dad are based on several arguments backing this claim, all of which are related to the similarities that exist between the two. Among the similarities is Il-nam’s son’s date of birth, which is the same as Gi-hum’s, for example. Another connection they have is the fact that neither of them can digest milk, and many more of the like.

The Mystery Behind the Death of the Old Man in Squid Game

oh il nam character squid game

If you can remember, in the marble challenge, Oh Il-nam was defeated by Gi-hun which means that the player who lost must be shot to death. At first, Il-nam intentionally hides in the corner because he knows that no one wants to play with him. Moreover, actually, the player who doesn’t have a partner will automatically pass.

It turns out that Gi-hun wanted to invite him to join the game as his partner, they were both given 10 marbles. If there’s a player who can take their partner’s marbles, that person will win. Then, when the game started Oh Il-nam suddenly looked senile and said that the arena was similar to his home area. Then, he gave up and was shot by the soldier behind the wall.

The Old Man and the Ending of Squid Game

oh il nam character squid game

In the final episode of Squid Game, we see that Oh Il-nam is still alive when Gi-gun comes to the hospital. The answers to all the questions are hidden in this character who is the key as well as the founder of Squid Game. Oh Il-nam isn’t just an old man, but he is the man behind the golden mask. Even though he has created the game, he also wanted to enjoy the game as a player.

So, in every episode, he would always make strange signs. First, he wasn’t detected in the Green Light Red Light game. Then, he knew the trick to the Tug Of War challenge. The sign that most didn’t realize by people was his death in the Marble Game.

oh il nam character squid game

He deliberately gave up the game because he knew that the next challenge was more dangerous for him. Then, his death was never shown in the scene, instead, he was covered behind the wall.

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