Accused by Netizens of Plastic Surgery, Let’s Compare Oh Yeon-seo’s Before-and-After Looks

Let’s Get to Know More About Talented Actress Oh Yeon-seo

Oh Yeon-seo is an actress who made her debut in the girl-group LUV in 2002. Since then, she’s been actively making appearances in dramas and reality shows. Besides her work, she’s also famous for her beautiful face and her brown eyes. But, there seem to be differences in her face as seen in her past photos and how she looks now, that makes some netizens accuse her of having had plastic surgery procedures in the past. Let’s compare her before-and-after photos in this article!

In the first picture, we can see her debut photo from a drama, wearing a uniform, and the second photo is a much more recent one. In the first photo, she has a strong, wide jaw and small eyes. In contrast, in the second photo, she seems to have a much sharper chin, bigger eyes, and thick lips. The differences in her distinctive features make her two photos look like they’re of different people. When her debut photo was posted in an online community, netizens started wondering whether she had plastic surgery or not.

The video above is Oh Yeon-seo’s audition tape at the SM Youth Best Contest. In the video, Oh Yeon-seo uses her real name, Oh Haet-nim, which became her stage name as part of LUV. From the video, we can see Oh Yeon-seo’s face in high school. Like the first picture, her jaw still is still strongly angled and her eyes still look small. She still has some baby fat in her cheeks, too.

Pictures above are from Oh Yeon-seo’s appearance in a drama during her early debut days. When the photos were posted online, netizens start commenting “There’s no way your jaw getting smaller because of diet. She must did plastic surgery.” But, there are some other netizens that believe she didn’t have surgery because she looks the same as her graduation photos.

In the pictures above, Oh Yeon-seo was captured for her graduation book. In the first picture, Oh Yeon-seo was 16 years old, with big eyes and sharper jaw. In the second and third pictures, she was 17 years old and 19 years old, respectively. Neither picture looks very different from how she looks now. In the third picture, her face looks more like an adult’s because she lost the baby fat on her cheeks and looks slenderer. Netizens have speculated that her graduation photo was edited because it was taken by a professional photographer.

The picture above is another of her graduation photos. If we compare it with the first graduation photo we looked at, she looks quite different from her middle school and high school graduation photos, resembling the pictures taken of her early in her debut period.

On the show Strong Heart that aired back in 2010, Oh Yeon-seo said she didn’t have any plastic surgery procedures.

“I didn’t have any plastic surgery to my face. I am a natural person.” said Oh Yeon-seo.

She also told the MC that actress Kim Nam-joo twisted her nose and asked if she did any procedures during the filming of the drama. She can show everyone that her nose and her face all natural. Even though she denied the accusations, in 2012, Oh Yeon-seo was reported to have gone to aplastic surgery clinic. The rumor started circulating after the clinic posted Oh Yeon-seo’s photo with the plastic surgeon. Netizens start jumping to the conclusion that Oh Yeon-seo’s plastic surgery rumors must be true. Her agency denied the rumor about her having plastic surgery, and said she simply visits the doctor because they know each other. In 2016, she made a visit to an aesthetic clinic, and that photo also happened to get posted on the clinic’s website. But, this time, Oh Yeon-seo didn’t give a statement about her visit.

Oh Yeon-seo is also confident about showing her beautiful face on Instagram. Some fans comment on her posts with “You are so beautiful.” and Oh Yeon-seo confidently replies “Yes, I know.”

After reading this article, do you think she really has plastic surgery or not?.