What Makes Oh Yeon-seo Admire Song Ji-hyo on ‘Running Man’? Look at Her Appearance and Funny Moments Here!

Appearance in Running Man Episode 310

Oh Yeon-seo and Soo Ae in Running Man

After 2 years, Oh Yeon-seo returned to Running Man with her co-stars Soo Ae and Ha Jae-sook. She made an appearance in episode 310 with a representative player contest race theme. After announcing to the members that the race will put their athleticism to test, the staff introduced the first two guests, Oh Yeon-seo and Soo Ae, who were to be team leaders. They chose their team members based on physical test results.

But, of course, it was not a typical physical test, but it was a physical test combined with horror. The members had to go through four tests in total: speed, grip strength, sit-ups, and, lastly, they had to escape from a zombie prison. In the first test, Gary came in first place for running 90 meters in 13.81 seconds. For their second test, the members had to do it inside a Dracula-themed haunted house. It turned out that the staff had prepared a jump scare for them in the middle of their grip strength test with zombies emerging from underneath a table. For this test, Yoo Jae-suk came in first place and Haha was the runner-up. In the third test, Kim Jong-kook took the first place by doing the most sit-ups. The final test required the members to go inside a haunted house, and they had to find as many pumpkin sweet potatoes as they could within a specified time.

Running Man Episode 310

After the long test, they finally met with their team leaders, and they got to determine which members will be in which group. It appeared that both Soo Ae and Oh Yeon-seo wanted Yoo Jae-suk in their teams, but Oh Yeon-seo also added that she wished for Kwang-soo to be in her team. She felt that Kwang-soo was blessed by a variety god, so if he became her team member, she could get more screen time. Eventually, she teamed with Yoo Jae-suk, Ji Suk-jin, Lee Kwang-soo, and Song Ji-hyo. Because Soo Ae’s team still lacked one person, Ha Jae-sook made her entrance and joined Soo Ae’s team. With this, the team was completed and they moved on to choose an assistant for each team. While Oh Yeon-seo chose Song Ji-hyo, Soo Ae pointed at Haha to be her assistant. The four of them were given a secret side mission which they had to complete to win.

The first side mission was to make the other team’s members say “What is it?” to win, but five seconds in, Ji Seok-jin said the exact phrase. After changing into their team’s clothes, the staff announced a push palm game as the first game. Ha Jae-sook and Lee Kwang-soo were the first to go. Ha Jae-sook nearly fell, but she quickly balanced herself and pushed Lee Kwang-soo strong enough to make him lose. After Lee Kwang-soo lost, Ji Seok-jin went to challenge her but immediately fell when she pushed him. The PD felt that the members were going easy on Ha Jae-sook, but when the members demanded him to try it himself, he acknowledged the fact that Ha Jae-sook is indeed strong.

Oh Yeon-seo's Team in Running Man

To turn the tides, each team decided to send their leaders to a face off. After a few attacks, Oh Yeon-seo tipped over and fell towards Soo Ae which led to her clothes being painted with Oh Yeon-seo’s makeup. After choosing hockey sticks as their reward, the cast moved to an amusement park to do the next mission. In the amusement park, there were five missions that ranged in difficulty. Arriving at the park, Oh Yeon-seo treated her members to a drink before coming upon the most difficult mission in the park- the Mega Swing. She chose not to do the mission and said that she wanted to enjoy the day rather than win the mission, making her fellow team member Song Ji-hyo frustrated.

After that, the team members chose to go to an arcade and do the mission. There, they had to score 850 points or higher within two minutes on the strongman game, 100 points on darts using five darts, and 500 points on the shooting game. Before doing the mission, Oh Yeon-seo threatened the men that they would ride the Mega Swing if they failed. Lee Kwang-soo managed to score over 850 points on his first try, while the two others were not so lucky with their attempts. In the end, they succeeded with their mission.

Oh Yeon-seo Riding Roller Coaster

The team continued their journey to a karaoke, but they stopped for a roller coaster mission. In this mission, they had to spot three differences in the amusement park’s staff after they rode the roller coaster. They decided who was to go with rock-paper-scissors, and it turned out that Lee Kwang-soo and Yoo Jae-suk were the lucky ones to ride the roller coaster. While riding, they were too scared to even focus on their mission, and they managed to spot only two differences. After the staff said that they were free to try as many times as they wanted, Song Ji-hyo jumped in the coaster while Oh Yeon-seo still hesitated but finally rode it after Ji Seok-jin said that he will ride the Mega Swing. After the ride, Song Ji-hyo managed to spot three differences, and they completed the mission.

After a snack break, they continued to a karaoke mission where they had to get 95 points or higher in a duet. During this mission, the staff added a side mission that they were prohibited from singing the words “love,” “us,” and “you.” For their first try, they decided to send Oh Yeon-seo and Lee Kwang-soo. In order to do the side mission, Oh Yeon-seo blocked Lee Kwang-soo’s mouth every time their banned words appeared in the songs. Lee Kwang-soo misunderstood her actions as he thought she wanted the spotlight for herself. In the end, they only got 86 points on their first attempt. They managed to get 99 points after the other team arrived at the karaoke mission.

Oh Yeon-seo in Running Man Episode 310

While Soo Ae’s team completed all five missions after clearing the karaoke mission, we could see that Ji Seok-jin backed out of the Mega Swing. Their mission continued for half of episode 311 where they played a hockey match with the hockey sticks they got after their first mission. Even though they were losing at first, in the end, Oh Yeon-seo’s team won the game and each member received a gold medal as their prize.

Commentary on Running Man

Oh Yeon-seo

While promoting the movie Take Off 2, she shared her experience as a Running Man guest in one of her interviews. She said that the variety show is hard, and she felt that the cast is amazing because they go through it every week. When she asked if the shooting was always hard or not, Song Ji-hyo answered that it was a bit more difficult that day. After hearing her answer, Oh Yeon-seo realized that the missions must be difficult physically. But, she was able to go through the shooting because her team members always tried to have fun together with her.

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