What Makes Oh Yeon-seo Admire Song Ji-hyo on ‘Running Man’? Look at Her Appearance and Funny Moments Here!

Oh Yeon-seo in Running Man

The Beautiful Actress Oh Yeon-seo

Are you familiar with Korean actress Oh Yeon-seo? If you are, then you should watch her appearances on variety shows! In addition to acting, she also has a funny side which she shows on variety shows. One variety show where she appeared as a guest on Running Man. Before we have a look at her funny moments on Running Man, let’s see her brief profile first!

Oh Yeon-seo’s Brief Profile

Oh Yeon-seo

Oh Yeon-seo was formerly a member of the girl group LUV which debuted in 2002. But, they held activities only for a short time due to their low popularity and soon disbanded after only 6 months. She then changed directions to acting where she first appeared in the drama Sharp in 2003, but her name was still unknown to people until she starred in the drama My Husband Got a Family in 2012.

Currently, she’s working under Celltrion Entertainment and plays many lead roles in dramas. You can check her current activities on her Instagram account @ohvely22!

First Running Man Appearance

Oh Yeon-seo as Harpist Genius

Besides dramas, Oh Yeon-seo also makes appearances on variety shows. One of them is Running Man. She has made two appearances in total, one in episode 218 which was aired in 2014 and the other is episode 310 which was aired in 2016.

In episode 218, Symphony Race was the main theme. She appeared with fellow Jang Bo-ri Is Here actor Kim Ji-hoon and A-Pink’s Jung Eun-ji. In this race where the cast had to act like a group of genius musicians, she had the role of a genius harpist. The episode started with the cast showing off their talents with their designated instruments. Then, they met with each other at a performance stage located in Suwon Cultural Center.

Oh Yeon-seo in Running Man (Episode 218)

In this race, the cast’s final goal was to perform a concert in the music hall. But, to perform, they needed to turn in their application forms which were given after missions. Their first mission was to reenact a child’s song that the staff played. But, they had to reenact it in a special way where they had to use their head to play a big piano above them. Besides the big piano, they also had to play cymbals and drums without mistakes. If they made a mistake, they had to restart the mission until they succeeded.

They immediately messed up on their first try because Haha ignored all the beats and kept playing the drums he was assigned to. The other cast warned him that if he messed up again, he would be kicked out from the mission. Continuing their mission, Haha made a mistake again, resulting in the cast immediately swarming him and taking off his coat and socks. During the fifth try, Running Man member Ji Seok-jin made a mistake because he hit his note out of turn. His clothes were stripped by the others while he desperately called Oh Yeon-seo because she had told him that it was his turn. Eventually, they succeeded on their tenth and final attempt.

Because of this, the number of participants was reduced to seven people, and all of the girls were not included. In order to participate, Oh Yeon-seo, Jung Eun-ji, and Song Ji-hyo had to search for blank application forms spread throughout the building and fill them out within 10 minutes. While the girls were searching for their forms, the men were playing around with the instrumentals, pretending that they had a concert. They continued playing messily until there was an announcement that Eun-ji was ousted. Not long after, Song Ji-hyo and Oh Yeon-seo returned, not knowing the reason why Eun-ji was ousted. This situation made the cast suspicious of the girls, especially Yeon-seo who came back last.

Oh Yeon-seo in Running Man Episode 218

In the next mission, they had to find the culprit who ousted Eun-ji by finding the hint that was hidden in the building. Not only that, but they also had to report the culprit by making a call with the building’s telephone system. Furthermore, they also had to find a Polaroid camera to take their photos so that they could complete their application forms and take them to the admission office.

While suspecting each other, the race started and Oh Yeon-seo immediately found the reporting phone together with Lee Kwang-soo. We could see here that Oh Yeon-seo was trying to convince Lee Kwang-soo that she’s not the culprit by confusing him. After a while, Song Ji-hyo found a hint about the culprit, which started chaos among the cast. After Song Ji-hyo, the other members were starting to get ousted one by one.

While the members were getting ousted, the surviving members also made a scene because they found a hint with a picture of string instruments. At first sight, the picture looked like a violin which made Kim Ji-hoon and Oh Yeon-seo accuse Lee Kwang-soo as the culprit because he was the violin genius, but later Oh Yeon-seo realized that it could also be a cello. This made her also suspicious of Kim Jong-kook who’s the cello genius, and she flew from the scene. Not much later, after Kim Ji-hoon was captured due to making a false report, it was revealed that Kim Jong-kook was the real culprit. After ousting Haha, there were only three people left in the race, Lee Kwang-soo, Oh Yeon-seo, and Kim Jong-kook.

Oh Yeon-seo Scared of Kim Jong-kook

At long last, Oh Yeon-seo managed to find another clue about the culprit, but she didn’t know how to solve the clue. Right then, Kim Jong-kook found her and started to come near her. Sensing danger around her, Oh Yeon-seo tried to run from the room, but she was trapped because she had to go through Kim Jong-kook first to reach the exit. As Kim Jong-kook came closer, he took the hint that Oh Yeon-seo found and explained the meaning. Realizing that he was the culprit, Oh Yeon-seo laughed nervously while jokingly asking Kim Jong-kook if this episode was a thriller. Eventually, she got ousted by Kim Jong-kook.

In the end, Lee Kwang-soo won the race by a strand of hair because he found a hint that clearly pointed out Kim Jong-kook as the culprit. He almost didn’t make it because Kim Jong-kook found him while he made the call, but miraculously, he reported Kim Jong-kook before he was able to tear off Lee Kwang-soo’s name tag. For the winner, the staff gave a trophy and a violin box as a prize.